Rules of entry to Ukraine for Russian citizens 2018

21.12.2017, 13:12
Rules of entry to Ukraine for Russian citizens 2018

Innovations will begin to operate from January 1, 2018 and will concern all foreigners, including Russians.

Foreigners and stateless persons will have to hand over fingerprints, they will not be required to submit biometric passports. For countries with biometric passports, equipment is provided that can read biometric passports.

Since Russian citizens do not have biometric passports, fingerprints will be taken and entered into a separate database. The base was created on the basis of "GART" (GART is an automated information exchange system for the control of persons, vehicles and goods crossing the state border of Ukraine). This information will be transferred to different structures - the Security Service, the Migration Service, the police and others.

Also, to confirm the purpose of the trip to Ukraine, the citizens of Russia will need to be presented with an invitation:

- Tourist invitation to Ukraine for Russian citizens;

- Private invitation to Ukraine for Russian citizens;

- Business invitation to Ukraine for Russian citizens;

The Government was instructed to improve the legislation on the procedure for registration of residence / stay in the territory of Ukraine of foreigners, including Russians, and stateless persons originating from the countries of migration risk or who entered from the territory of such states.

The Cabinet should update the list of countries of migration risk, in particular, to include in it the Russian Federation. The government should also work out in a two-month period the issue of the mechanism and the stage-by-stage implementation of the preliminary electronic notification on entry to Ukraine; crossing the border on biometric passports.

Thus, starting from January 1, 2018, the crossing of the border from countries that constitute risks for Ukraine should be carried out using biometric passports. Or those who do not have them, biometric data on the border should be recorded.

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