The cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine: how to determine the price

24.01.2018, 12:01
The cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine: how to determine the price

The cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine is perhaps one of the most pressing issues that foreigners face on the way to obtaining permission from the Embassy to cross the border. This problem is along with finding the necessary papers for this type of visa or preparing for an interview.

What is a visa and in general should I pay

A tourist visa for Ukraine is a special color stamp, which is put on a foreign passport. It is pasted on one of the pages. It contains all the necessary information for the border guard service, in particular: passport details, photos, terms of stay and the corridor to which the Ukrainian consul has authorized.
Any type of visa, including a tourist visa, is processed through the Embassy of Ukraine, or other diplomatic bodies that are represented in the host country of the foreigner. For their services Ukrainian ambassadors or consuls always take payment, because it takes time and various means of verification of data.
Therefore, the payment of consular fees is an obligatory element of the visa process for the design of a Ukrainian tourist visa.

Categories of foreigners that do not pay

The migration legislation of Ukraine and without a list of persons that did not pay for a tourist visa did not manage. They are primarily children under six, members of refugee families, diplomats, and the like.

Factors affecting pricing

This kind of Ukrainian visa is paid, and the price, or more precisely, the definition of the amount, is influenced by the following factors:
the term of the visa sticker;
the way of filing documents for filing;
category of sanctions.
Let's start with the latter. The category of tourist visa (one of the) is determined in accordance with the number of possible entries by a foreigner on this permit. For example, there are three types of visas available:
one-time, which at a price is the cheapest, but inefficient, since it allows you to go once;
double, which already gives the right to its owner to cross the border twice;
Multiple - is the most profitable for foreigners in terms of efficiency (you can often use it), but at a price will be quite expensive.
If we talk about the method of registration, then everything is simple - in the case of seeking help from private structures, they also pay for their services. It is expected that in addition to the consular fee will have to pay and service.
Well, the term of registration affects as follows: if you urgently need to take a visa (the standard is two weeks), then the amount that is formed in accordance with the category is doubled, the applicant receives permission in a few days.

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