The guest visa to Ukraine in 2018 and the basic papers for its reception

14.05.2018, 12:05
The guest visa to Ukraine in 2018 and the basic papers for its reception

The guest visa to Ukraine in 2018 and the main way to get it is not much different from the design in previous years. You should also apply for it to the embassy, ​​prepare documents, you can do it with the help of visa companies, pay all possible service charges plus and consular fees.

Feeding process

A guest visa to Ukraine is issued to foreign citizens only in designated and open diplomatic institutions. If we talk about various visa services, then only there are qualified help in preparing for the filing of papers, interviewing and everything. The visa sticker will be issued only by consular offices. They are open practically in all countries of the world, if there is still no such body, then it is worthwhile to address to neighboring states. This all should be decided at the level of migration legislation.
Most diplomatic institutions require foreign applicants to personally file papers, because at any time they can be invited to an interview with the Ukrainian consul. Especially it can concern the opening of a guest visa in order to marry a citizen or a Ukrainian citizen. But not only this can serve as a reason.
However, some Consulates allow you to apply and through third parties. It's all done by visa firms accredited in Ukrainian diplomatic services. However, all this should be clarified before the start of the design process.

Package of documents

First of all it is necessary to say that a guest visa is made on the basis of an invitation from a Ukrainian resident or even an alien, just such that he legally lives there. This is a key document, without which there is not a single pitch. It should be exact.
The following papers are already simple and formal, because the main proof of the purpose of the trip is still there is an invitation. So, it is still necessary to fill out a questionnaire, take photos, buy an insurance policy and the like.
Well, one more thing is to have a valid passport with you, where there are free pages for a visa sticker.

Time of manufacture and cost

On the production of any visa, guest, including, it takes about two weeks. This is a standard time for consideration. Of course, there is an opportunity to get a visa sticker faster, just for this it is necessary to fulfill two conditions: to pay a double the size of the visa fee and provide documents that will show this urgency.
The cost, in turn, is regulated in accordance with the type of visa authorization. If the most is a multiple entry visa, then the very smallest amount of applicants are paid for a one-time visa.

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