The price of a business visa to Ukraine and the tariffs

16.04.2018, 14:04
The price of a business visa to Ukraine and the tariffs

The price of a business visa to Ukraine is formed in several simple ways that even ordinary applicants can use without involving visa specialists here. Its easy to calculate, the main thing is to know what category you want to get, how quickly, how often you will need to travel and for how long. Here are three main terms that affect the billing itself. And all this is exactly spelled out in the migration legislation of the Ukrainian state.

Tariffs according to the category of the number of entries

The category of the visa by the number of entries significantly affects the definition of tariffs. This is one of the main factors according to the visa rules.
If you list categories, you can talk about the following three:
1. The cheapest, however, the most inconvenient visa is one-time. Although the applicants pay the smallest amount for it, however, it will only be available once. For traveling the next one should again go to the embassy, ​​prepare a package of documents and, of course, pay a second time.
2. The visa is slightly more expensive, but with the possibility of double entry. This visa is a little more popular, but among those who have the financial means to pay for their trips.
3. The most expensive, but more popular and convenient visa is multi. It is worth more than the previous two, but it can be used more than once or twice. Although it also has its limitations, according to international rules, a foreign applicant is granted 180 days a year, half of which can be used in one half-year, and the next half on the same principle.

Tariffs according to the category by number of days

Quite often, a foreign applicant chooses a long-term visa. Ukraine has become a springboard for the start of foreign business, so foreign citizens need to travel there often. But there is also a short-term visa for short trips, for example, for participation simply in business negotiations, for signing contracts, holding seminars.
If you compare prices, then a longer-term visa is more expensive.

Tariffs according to the term of consideration of the case

Business visa to Ukraine in the diplomatic service is not so long - about two weeks. However, to some foreign applicants this term does not fit and we urgently need to go on a business trip to Ukraine. Therefore, for them there is a special express review, which takes several days (usually five). Although, of course, there must be certain important reasons for this. This fact must also be confirmed in writing.
And, of course, at an expensive price, an urgent visa will be more expensive, because the managers of diplomatic bodies will have to review the matter in an accelerated time, check the documents and make a decision.

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