The price of a business visa to Ukraine: the process of calculating the cost

21.11.2017, 12:11
The price of a business visa to Ukraine: the process of calculating the cost

The price of a business visa to Ukraine, the payment of visa and service fees have long become important elements in the whole process of obtaining foreign entry permits for foreign entrepreneurs to solve their business problems with Ukrainian legal entities. Payment is the same component as, for example, an invitation, an interview. In simple words, without paying for the services of diplomatic companies that submit to the Embassy, ​​it will be impossible to obtain a visa permit.

How the amount is calculated

It is possible to correctly calculate the amount for payment only when it is clearly defined with the way of registration, the period of receipt and the category. That is, these three factors are the key ones on the basis of which the employee of the diplomatic service determines the price, forcing the foreign applicant to pay.
If we consider the first option, then cheaper, of course, will cost independent registration through the Embassy. But in this case it will be necessary to spend time searching for documents, submitting them and such things. As practice shows, it is easier for foreign applicants to apply to private companies, paying a small amount for their services, saving time.
In the second case, the amount affected by the production time. All visa matters are considered in the Ukrainian Embassy until two weeks. This time is just necessary for the employees of this service to verify the data, to make a decision. There are, of course, cases when foreigners require a rapid extradition. Then, in the case of a positive response (consent) from the Ukrainian consul, subject to payment of the consular fee in a double amount, the visa is given in a few days.
And the last, but the most important motive for determining the price is the category. The types of visa to Ukraine according to the price characteristics are as follows:
1. One-time, which is the cheapest of all possible.
2. Two-fold, which is one and a half times more expensive than the previous one.
3. Multiple, which is the most expensive of the entire list.
That is, in this case choosing the type of visa in the first place should be guided by the need for travel. If there is no great need to travel to Ukraine often, then it is not worth spending a lot of money, you need to make a one-time visa. If the purpose is just multiple trips, then it is worth paying for multi.

How to make payment

Do not worry about not being able to pay properly. Business visa to Ukraine is paid on the spot after receipt of a corresponding check from the diplomatic officer, where the full amount is indicated. You will only have to come to the cashier's office of the bank, which, as a rule, is located in the premises of the Embassy, ​​and to pay the whole amount with American dollars.

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