The price of a guest invitation to Ukraine: how to determine tariffs and make payments

13.12.2017, 12:12
The price of a guest invitation to Ukraine: how to determine tariffs and make payments

The price of a guest invitation to Ukraine, the ways of paying for the services of certain visa establishments, which are a hand in this - that often foreigners or even applicants with Ukrainian passports have to face such visa problems on the way to obtaining a visa permit of this type. Indeed, of course the cost and payment for services is an obligatory and at the same time an important element of the visa process.

Guest invitation: what is it and where to get it

As you know, now many foreigners are simply forced to apply to the Ukrainian Embassy or other diplomatic bodies for obtaining a special visa, which will give their owner an excellent opportunity to come to the Ukrainian land for a specific purpose. And in turn, such a sanction is issued only on the basis of an invitation, which serves as proof of the purpose of travel. Most of these documents are sent to foreign applicants from the Ukrainian side.
What is this invitation? This is an ordinary paper document where the text relating to the inviting party is printed, the length of stay necessary for the foreigner, where he will live, who will cover the costs and the like.
How to make a guest invitation to Ukraine will be told in any migration authorities or simply private visa companies that provide services of this nature (registration of documents for the application of foreign residents).

Determination of value, payment

The price for issuing an invitation for a specific call is difficult, because several factors should be considered. First of all, the applicant's visa situation is taken into account. If an alien needs to urgently go to Ukraine, and to begin with quickly to issue a visa, then it is clear that the amount will be high, because for expresses always pay more.
Also take into account the tariff scale of the company through which the document is drawn up. Of course, if you prepare all the papers to apply for an invitation yourself, while spending a lot of time (this concerns the Ukrainian side), you can save. But most of the applicants are preferred by private firms, who, for a fee, do everything quickly and efficiently. In this case, you should count on additional costs.
By the way, an invitation to visit, which is often registered by Ukrainian citizens, must be certified by the Migration Service. In this case, money is also paid for - state duty.
Payment for the services of private institutions is carried out after the services are received. In migration bodies - the same procedure, but for this a check is issued.

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