The price of a tourist visa to Ukraine: what does the cost depend on

15.06.2017, 17:06
The price of a tourist visa to Ukraine: what does the cost depend on
The price of a tourist visa to Ukraine is fixed according to the migration laws of the Ukrainian state. All the cost of registration is paid for by everyone, without exception, directly in the premises of that diplomatic institution, through which the submission takes place.
What is a tourist visa in general?
A tourist visa for travel to Ukrainian territory is physically a sticker on the whole page in a foreign passport of a foreign citizen. She, in turn, gives her owner the right to come to Ukraine for a tourist voyage (this involves resting on the sea, in the mountains, lakes, natural complexes, etc.). The tourist category of the visa is issued only with the previously mentioned purpose, it is impossible to work on it, conduct business activities or study. Everything should be used for its intended purpose. The owner of a tourist sanction for crossing the border has the opportunity to come to Ukraine one, two or many times, everything in this case depends on his financial, physical capabilities and needs. After all, this factor affects the determination of prices most of all.
Cost of tourist visa
Ukrainian visa, which gives the right to go to Ukraine for tourist purposes, paid for most foreigners. The cost is set by the legislative state bodies and depends on two main factors: the production time and category.
The standard period for considering visa applications from various foreigners is ten to fifteen days. In this case, the standard amount is paid. If the applicant needs to get a quick visa, then an express is ordered and a visa fee is paid in double amount.
Tourist visa is of three main types:
- for one trip, which is considered the cheapest. But it in turn has a number of minuses (the most important - the ability to cross the border only once). It is not very profitable to make out, but if the foreign applicant does not have enough money, then this is the only way out;
- for a double trip. Such a sanction is slightly more expensive than the previous one and it is logical, because it has more positive moments;
- for multiple trips - the most expensive. It is twice as expensive as the first, but it makes it possible to cross borders often. And it is worth remembering that the number of days in one half year should not exceed ninety.
How to pay for a tourist visa
The visa fee is paid very simply. Everything is done in the premises of that diplomatic establishment, through which the registration of the visa itself takes place. The process of payment (before or after filing) depends on the institution itself and its internal routine. The main thing to remember is that American dollars will be useful for payment, because it is in this currency that they pay for tourist visas.

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