To issue a business invitation to Ukraine: basic steps and papers

19.05.2017, 15:05
To issue a business invitation to Ukraine: basic steps and papers
To issue a business invitation to Ukraine can, both independently, a person who needs it, and through third parties. The latter means different intermediary groups that specialize not only in the production of invitations, but in general on all visa issues.
In general, the invitation is a key document for obtaining a Ukrainian business visa. Without it, not only will they not be issued a permit to enter, but in general the Ukrainian consul will not accept the case.
Steps to register an invitation
The first step in the process of issuing an invitation is to determine the structure to which it should be addressed. If you say simple words, you need to know where to go to apply - either to government agencies depending on the profile, or other private visa groups.
As a rule, such documents must pass through the Ukrainian Migration Service. But you can order business invitations and through various intermediary firms. By the way, only juridical persons have the right to receive business invitations, they conduct legal activity in the territory of Ukraine.
The next step is to collect the necessary papers.
Next, you need to pay for the services of certain firms with which the applicant works, whether it's a Ukrainian citizen or a foreigner. The cost of services of private firms is set by them, it all depends on the price, the complexity of the situation. But the tariffs on the invitation clearly established by Ukrainian law, all applicants pay a state fee.
And the last step is to get the result in the form of a paper invitation, which must be certified by a particular structure that is engaged in its manufacture.
Required papers
The list of documents for receiving this invitation for submission to the Ukrainian visa is not at all complicated and not too extensive:
1. As a rule, everyone submits special applications, which are filled in with a neat handwriting.
2. Next, you need to present a copy of the foreigner's passport that it plans to apply for a visa.
3. Also, the applicant who handles the registration of documents must present his own passport when applying.
4. It is mandatory to attach all the documents that somehow confirm the purpose of the travel of the foreigner and the need to make an invitation. That is, business contracts are offered to business in Ukraine, which may have been previously signed between this foreigner and the Ukrainian side, checks on imports and exports of goods and other additional documents confirming the conduct of business activities between the two partners. If there is not one, it's not scary. Simply consider the case Ukrainian consuls can longer.

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