Tourism in winter, or to spend the holidays with advantage

17.10.2016, 14:10
Tourism in winter, or to spend the holidays with advantage
Summer lasts only three months, and therefore with the onset of cold weather, many people are "hibernate" like a bear. But if it's freezing, it does not mean you have to sit at home, wrapped in a blanket.
In the summer a lot of people trying to escape to the sea, in the autumn or winter of their free time better to devote to health or the amendment of leisure sports. But the most popular now gastronomic tourism. Foreign nationals wishing to come to the city, you will need to issue an invitation to foreigners in Ukraine.
Eastern wisdom says that "he who drinks coffee - thinking about life." It will now go to the coffee tourism. And the heart of the entertainment is considered Lvov (Ukraine).
Now it is very difficult to imagine a world without coffee: it invigorates man in the morning with a cup of it has been talk from the heart, it is presented as a present.
Many tourists dream to get this Ukrainian town, not only to appreciate the local flavor and architecture, but also taste Lviv coffee beverage.
Many writers have tried to make a general description of the smell from the coffee, but it is better to feel and live, which will contribute to a cozy coffee shop in the center of Lviv. If the modern tourist has the opportunity to walk through the narrow streets of the city of Lviv, he was also lucky enough to meet on the way are coffee shops, as the "House of Legends", "Golden Ducat", "Wreath", "a theater", "People's hotel", "Casino de Paris " etc.
Coffeemania in this city began in the late eighteenth century, when the city was part of Austria. It is for the European instilled a love of coffee to residents of the city. Next is the new buzz spread throughout all the neighboring countries. The first coffee factory in western Ukraine was formed in 1932, and now this huge manufactory headed Ukrainians together with the British.
Every year more and more coffee will improve and add new recipes for its preparation. As the French like to say "no coffee is brewed, it is brewed, and the boiling water and boil spoil the drink." Therefore, to properly prepare this drink, which is at its rated second only to water, it is necessary to consult with the local coffee people and baristas. Employees of stores and cafeterias gladly give a master class. Often in Lviv hold contests and entertainment, where children and adults draw with the help of coffee.
Also, fans of sweet coffee is worth a look in "Lviv Chocolate Workshop" and buy goodies or coffee or chocolate products souvenir for your loved one.
In addition to the exquisite chocolate pieces in these shops sell coffee or a collector with special additives and fragrances.
In the Lviv Museum of even the first book store that mention the coffee and everything connected with it. Many writers have even dedicated their works to coffee (Lviv guide calls the name of Yuri Vynnychuk), which also describes in detail the first Ukrainian coffee and cooking processes in their coffee drinks.
Because with the first cold weather it is best to warm up in Lviv with a cup of Viennese coffee and Ukrainian chocolate. To travel to Ukraine a foreigner needs a visa, which can be arranged to receive the invitation for foreigners in Ukraine.
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