What is the cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine

06.07.2016, 18:07
What is the cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine
The cost of a tourist visa in Ukraine - one of the pressing issues that define the foreigners before submitting documents to the Ukrainian embassy or other diplomatic structures.
Making tourism Ukrainian visa provides payment services one of the consular offices, to which addressed a citizen of a foreign state. Tariffs in accordance with categories of visas shall be determined exclusively by public authorities, which are specialized in the relevant matters. These organs include the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These two instances determine the cost of a visa and set the category of foreign nationals who do not pay for it.
Price tourist visa
To find out how much it costs for tourist visas in Ukraine should decide on the visa category, that is, the number of days of stay on Ukrainian territory and the number of entries. In accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, which was updated in 2011, the tourist visa fee is charged according to the number of possible entries for this authorization.
Price tourist visa to Ukraine are as follows:
1. $ 85 is payable for one-time only a tourist visa to Ukraine.
2. $ 130 a foreigner pays only for a tourist visa to Ukraine with the possibility of double entry.
3. $ 200 worth Ukrainian tourist visa with an unlimited number of entries, but the term is not more than just 90 days in one of the half-year.
Payment for visa services is carried out immediately after the filing of certain documents in the local Ukrainian diplomatic structures and only in US dollars. Payment in UAH, or the local currency is not accepted.
If the state, where a foreigner who travels to Ukraine, makes the same tourist visas only has to Ukrainian citizens at a price exceeding the above amounts, then charging takes place according to certain principles of reciprocity.
If a foreign visitor wants to ask for urgent consideration of the case, which is much faster than the standard (15 days), then the charge will be double the amount in accordance with the category of visa, which he still plans to open.
In case the Ukrainian consuls negative decisions on visa applications and issuance of refusal, the visa fee will never return.
Individuals who do not pay the visa fee
There are a number of foreigners, who do not carry out payment for Ukrainian visa for tourism:
- Applicants to 6 years.
- Holders of diplomatic passports.
- Foreign Ukrainians in the presence of a specific document.
- The members of the alien's family, which is in Ukraine has refugee status.
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