Tourist invitation to Ukraine: stages of receipt and all documents

11.04.2017, 11:04
Tourist invitation to Ukraine: stages of receipt and all documents
A tourist invitation to Ukraine is the most important document from the list of all necessary for obtaining a visa sticker for travel to Ukrainian territory to a foreign passport document solely for the purpose of tourism.
Ukraine is very attractive for tourists, because there is a sea, mountains, sanatoriums, magical nature, historical sights, interesting cities - everything you need for a great holiday. This motivates foreign tourists.
But for most citizens of the world countries for a free and legal entry into the territory of Ukraine you need a visa. To do this, we must first contact the relevant Ukrainian diplomatic services, prepare a package of documents and pay for the services of consular offices. The key in the package of documents is a tourist invitation.
Stages of design
As practice shows, making a tourist invitation does not require much effort, time, money. This is one of the most accessible types of invitations that are generally given to foreigners for submission to any category of Ukrainian visa.
Manufacturing is not done by state Ukrainian bodies (as in other cases). To obtain it you need to contact the travel agencies or various intermediary groups that provide similar services.
Foreign citizens can do this themselves or through third parties. To issue a tourist invitation to Ukraine can be both Ukrainian residents and foreigners. Nobody forbids doing this. The most important condition for the agency, which is engaged in the production of tourist invitations, officially cooperated with tourist groups in Ukraine.
Tourist invitation is made in three versions. This is not much at all, because one of them is kept by a travel agent, the second is given to the Ukrainian embassy, ​​and the third is taken by a foreigner.
Documents, cost and due date
The package of documents for obtaining a tourist invitation is extremely simple. All you need is to fill in a special tourist questionnaire and provide a copy of the passport of that tourist who will travel to Ukrainian resorts and in the future to work on obtaining a visa sticker.
The cost of this type of invitation depends on the quality or quantity of travel services that a foreign citizen plans to book. That is, in this case, you need to focus on your own monetary opportunities.
The employee of the travel agency informs about the readiness of the documents of foreigners. As a rule, its manufacture lasts from a couple of days to two weeks. This process depends on the speed of work of Ukrainian travel companies.

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