Tourist Visa to Ukraine: the main processing stages

29.12.2016, 17:12
Tourist Visa to Ukraine: the main processing stages
Tourist visa to Ukraine - a special type of Ukrainian visa to cross the border with the Ukrainian state, but only for tourist trips, recreation at ski resorts or at the seaside. Ukraine offers to foreigners in general a lot of opportunities for interesting pastime.
But it so happened that the agreements on the establishment of the visa regime was signed between the Ukrainian government and many countries of the world, which means that foreign nationals must first contact the Ukrainian embassy for obtaining a so-called visa stickers. And for this it is necessary to present the mandatory documents.
Required documents
Get a tourist visa for travel to Ukraine simply because the required package of documents is not very voluminous and consists of:
- Neatly packed in Latin or even Cyrillic visa application, which shall be entered data relating to the most foreign applicant and its future tourist trip;
- Foreign passport (if more than one, it is necessary to provide all) with free pages for the actual visa and stamps that are placed, usually on the boundaries at each intersection;
- Photos, passport size appropriate, and in particular - 3x4;
- Medical insurance against possible neschastnyh cases that could happen during a trip to Ukraine;
- Proof of financial solvency to cover the costs of their own money during a tourist trip to the Ukrainian territory;
- Evidence of tourist destination of the trip to Ukraine - a special invitation or a voucher.
Tourist invitation
Tourist invitation or a voucher is produced only in a travel agency. Tackle design itself can a foreigner who needs to apply to such an institution. Making an invitation lasts for several days, and the price depends on the number and the same cost of tourist services.
Specificity of filing and obtaining a visa
Tourist visa to Ukraine in 2016 in the Ukrainian Embassy species. Duration clearance usually approximately fifteen calendar days. If, however, an urgent need to get a tourist sanction, then proposed to express the consideration, which takes about ten days. But there are two conditions for obtaining the express train - a written confirmation - purchased tickets for a specific date and double payment of the visa fee.
The cost of a tourist visa depends on the type of sanctions. In particular, the visa sticker for tourism is of three categories - one-time (the cheapest), two-time, multi (the most expensive).
Payment in US dollars on the spot at the box office on the day of delivery.

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