Tourist visa to Ukraine in 2018 and everything you need to get it

18.04.2018, 10:04
Tourist visa to Ukraine in 2018 and everything you need to get it

A tourist visa to Ukraine in 2018 became even more accessible to foreigners. It was popular, because its receipt did not require a lot of time, effort and even money. If to compare with all other species, this type of Ukrainian visa is the simplest.

Design Features

Visa for travels to tourism is issued to all comers and pre-trained foreign citizens in the Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine. These two instances and have the right under the current legislation of this European country to issue permits for entry to residents of other states.
The filing of documents in most cases occurs in person. It is also allowed for tourist firms to apply for tourists, but this must be previously agreed with the diplomatic services.
You can get it on the basis of a questionnaire, photo, passport, medical insurance and tourist voucher.

Where to get a tourist voucher

Tourist visa to Ukraine is made only on the basis of an invitation. This is a text document, it can have different sizes, but the main thing is that there it was indicated that the housing reservation on the Ukrainian territory is listed and all the tourist services that a foreign citizen will receive are listed.
They make it in various tourist firms or even companies of the visa direction. The voucher is only a few days.

The cost of a visa for tourism

Calculate the cost of visas for tourism is quite simple, just remember its category. There is one simple rule - the more this visa will have to travel, the more will be asked to pay.
Speaking in more detail, there are three categories of Ukrainian tourist visas that differ not only in price but also in the number of possible entries.
In particular:
1. One-time.
2. Double entry.
3. Multiple entry.
Well, it is logical that the first is the cheapest, but the latter is the most.
Also, not a small role in the formation of prices is played by a private visa company, which still takes a direct part in preparing documents for such a visa. Price for their services, they show each applicant separately.

How long does it take to not design

The tourist visa itself is made according to the legislation of Ukraine for fifteen days. This period is standard and is the same for all categories. Undoubtedly, if you need to get a visa faster, you can ask the Ukrainian Consul for express delivery. However, in this case, several conditions must be met, among which are evidence of such an urgent departure from the country (for example, tickets for a specific number) and the cost of the visa fee is paid twice.

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