Tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners: documents and stages of obtaining

27.03.2017, 17:03
Tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners: documents and stages of obtaining
A tourist visa to Ukraine for foreigners under a number of international treaties is a prerequisite for free crossing of Ukrainian borders by representatives of a foreign state from any checkpoints. After all, for many citizens of world countries, issuing a visa for entry is necessary, they will not be able to enter the territory of the Ukrainian state in any other way.
Ukraine in general is a tourist attraction for foreigners, because there is a sea, mountains, a lot of sanatoria and interesting cities. Therefore, the opening of a tourist Ukrainian visa is a topical issue.
Stages of registration
A tourist visa for entry to Ukraine is almost the most accessible visa for foreign applicants, because its registration will not take much time, and the package of documents is very small. If the foreign citizen himself can not collect it, then various intermediary firms will help him, who are also engaged in visa issues.
The filing of all the already collected papers is held in the diplomatic representations of Ukraine on the territory of this or that state. Only such bodies are entitled to issue visa permits to cross borders.
The filing process includes such a stage as paying a visa fee for using the services of diplomatic companies. The price of a tourist visa depends on its category. If to speak in simple words, then from the number of possible trips on it. For example, multiple tourist visas are available for opening, which in turn are the most expensive in the entire list, double sanctions and the cheapest - with the possibility of one entry. By the way, you need to pay in American currency and only.
Obtaining the result (refusal or visa), as a rule, occurs in ten to fifteen days. It all depends on the Ukrainian consul and the speed of the case.
Package of required documents
Tourist visa authorization is issued on the basis of a clearly defined list of documents, which includes the following items:
1. Visa application form for obtaining this type of visa.
2. Photographs that meet the requirements of Ukrainian international law (size not more than 3x4).
3. Foreign passport document, where there are free pages for the visa sticker.
4. Medical insurance policy, the coverage area of ​​which includes the territory of the Ukrainian state.
5. Proof of monetary ability to pay for all expenses that will arise during the Ukrainian journey.
6. Tourist invitation, which refers to all the tourist services that the foreign applicant has ordered.
7. Tickets for transport.

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