Tourist visa to Ukraine: the basic steps to guaranteed receipt

19.12.2017, 12:12
Tourist visa to Ukraine: the basic steps to guaranteed receipt

Tourist visa to Ukraine, its cost, ways of registration and documents - that's what many foreign citizens who are dreaming of as a tourist to come to the land of this European country have recently been interested in.
The issuance of such sanctions takes place only in specialized and authorized institutions that have a diplomatic nature and are subordinated either to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine or to the Embassy. But this does not mean that an alien can not be contacted by various private institutions. On the contrary, there has been a recent trend - foreigners are going there for help in preparing documents.

Required documents for obtaining a visa

Tourist visa to Ukraine in 2017, of course, that the passport for traveling abroad is pasted for no reason. To do this, you must submit the necessary papers, which will prove the purpose of travel.
Of course, a tourist visa suggests that a foreigner goes to Ukraine to rest, not to study or work in any way. Therefore, an important document is a tourist invitation, or in simple words, a voucher, where the ordered tourist services are listed, including:
- Reservation of housing for a specific period;
- excursion programs;
- entertainment;
- tickets for a certain type of transport.
In addition to the voucher for a tourist visa, you must provide the following to the Embassy:
1. The questionnaire that must be signed personally by a foreign applicant.
2. Photos that are relevant.
3. Passport, where the visa is attached, with free pages.
4. Bank documents with a positive balance, which is enough for the whole trip.
5. Other documents by the will of the foreign applicant.

Term of issue

As a rule, the Ukrainian Embassy meets foreign tourists and, in case of a good preparation of the necessary papers, issues visas in a few days. But this term of registration can be delayed and not two, three weeks. Therefore, the design should be treated responsibly.

Price list

The cost of Ukrainian tourist visa type directly depends on the category. If to speak in simple words, the more you need to travel to Ukraine with the purpose of tourism, the more you will have to pay.
There are three categories of visas according to the price indicator:
1. One-time. The cheapest type, but has a big minus - you can only use it once.
2. Double entry. In the middle between all, a bit more expensive than the previous one.
3. Multiple entry. It gives a great advantage - you can go often, but you will have to pay expensive.
The choice is always with the foreign applicant. Therefore, we should rely on our own financial resources.

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