Tourist visa to Ukraine: the main steps to a successful receipt

18.09.2017, 12:09
Tourist visa to Ukraine: the main steps to a successful receipt

A tourist visa to Ukraine is a special permit issued by the Embassy for the legal crossing of the border by representatives of foreign states. It is issued by foreign applicants exclusively for tourist purposes, to work on it or to study it is impossible.

Processing process

A tourist visa for Ukraine in the Embassy or other diplomatic institutions is issued for a reason. For this, it is necessary to pass the procedure for filing, collect all the documents required in accordance with the migration legislation, pay for the services of the visa authorities. This takes time. If a foreigner is not ready to spend energy and days on registration, then without any problems one can turn to professional private groups that specialize in such matters. But it's all for an additional fee.

Required papers

The first stage of the design of the tourist Ukrainian visa is the preparation of documents. The list of securities for this category is not complex and includes the following:
1. Questionnaire, where you should enter the basic data of the foreigner, the place of travel and other information that is asked.
2. Photographs for identifying a foreign guest.
3. Passport, where directly and will be pasted a tourist visa.
4. Medical insurance. You can and without it, but in this case you can buy it directly on the border with Ukraine. This all does not apply to applicants over 60 years old, for them an insurance policy is mandatory.
5. Tourist voucher, which will confirm the purpose of the trip. This invitation (as it is often called) should contain information about the place of residence in the territory of Ukraine (hotel, hostel, apartment), the period of stay (the dates from which for what bought or booked accommodation) and a list of other tourist services.
6. Upon request - a certificate from the bank.

Payment of visa fee

Submission of documents takes place at the Embassy of Ukraine or other bodies, if such is provided by law. At the end of this procedure, each applicant receives a receipt, which indicates the amount for the services of the visa institution. The cost depends on two factors: the category of the visa and the period of issue.
The most expensive is a multiple visa, and the cheapest one is a one-time visa. If we talk about the deadline for processing, then in the case of the standard, which takes up to fifteen days, the foreign applicant pays according to the tariff (according to the category of visa, which was going slightly higher). If you get an entry permit urgently and in the presence of tickets that confirm a certain date, then the visa is issued in a few days, but on condition that you pay a double fee for the visa fee.

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