Tourist voucher to Ukraine: registration and basic requirements

31.10.2016, 11:10
Tourist voucher to Ukraine: registration and basic requirements
Tourist voucher to Ukraine - a document that is the basis for the opening of the Ukrainian tourist visa.
Ukraine has a visa regime with many countries of the world, so most of the foreign nationals must apply for registration of the Ukrainian tourist visa on the basis of a special list of documents, including tourist invitation.
The process of registration of the invitation
The invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine to get very quickly and easily. This can be done either on the territory of Ukraine, or even in the country of residence of the foreign citizen. You can do this, and personally by the applicant, and the Ukrainians, who help foreigners with registration of Ukrainian tourist visa. To do this, you must contact the nearest travel agencies that provide relevant services and are cooperating with the Ukrainian side in the tourism sector.
After selecting the appropriate foreign applicant travel services, travel contract is issued in three copies. It's not much, because one of them will be stored at a travel agent, the second trip will take the foreigner, and the third - the applicant pays to file for the same tourist visa to Ukraine.
Regarding payment, it shall be held immediately on the spot. After all, money is the agent required to implement the relevant booking of travel services. The cost of invitation for tourism depends on the number of these services, which is going to order a foreigner. Therefore, each applicant is guided by its own financial capacity.
Making an invitation is very quick. It usually depends on the speed of the tour operator in Ukraine, and lasts for about two - four days.
Necessary documents and requirements for tourist invitation
Registration of tourist invitation, as a rule, does not require a large package of documents. In the travel agency you need to provide a passport for traveling abroad and on-site fill out a form, which is made all the contact details.
Travel Voucher is a document containing the following information (if it is not, there is a possibility that the invitation is not accepted for review):
1. The travel date - the date of entry and exit.
2. Detailed address and contact hotels, apartments, where the foreigner will reside.
3. The number of book tours.
4. What will happen transport journey.
5. Passport data of foreign tourists.
6. It should be wet seal and the travel agency manager signature, which is engaged in providing travel services to a foreign applicant.
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