Tourist voucher to Ukraine: all possible design options

03.04.2018, 11:04
Tourist voucher to Ukraine: all possible design options

A tourist voucher to Ukraine is used by foreign citizens as evidence of their intentions to come to Ukrainian territory. From its name it is no longer difficult to guess why they plan to cross the border with this European state - they want to relax at the resorts, take part in certain excursion programs and the like.

Where can I get a tourist voucher

In general, a tourist voucher to Ukraine is a certain confirmation of the place of residence in Ukraine during a tourist trip, the number of excursion programs that will participate, possibly even tickets in both directions for some kind of transport. That is, it specifies a certain list of tourist services, which the foreigner plans to use, that he is going to Ukraine.
You can, of course, and independently do the booking of all of the above, but this will take a lot of time. The simplest option, which is now popular and comfortable - is a trip to a travel agency or even a visa company that searches for, prepares papers for foreigners so that they can easily get a Ukrainian visa.
Firms of these two areas and are engaged in the foreign tourist's questions.
By the way, it takes no more than a week to make a voucher. It is convenient enough for foreigners.

Do I need to provide something

Quite an up-to-date question among potential foreign tourists is whether it is worth giving something to a travel company to get this voucher? Each company acts differently, some can prepare everything themselves, others ask to bring certain papers. But mostly a foreigner in the travel agency gives only his passport, which will be booked for housing, tickets, etc., as well as if necessary, adds data to the questionnaire (contacts, wishes for the trip). And in the end receives instruction on its use.

How much is the voucher

The next problem that foreigners face is paying for a voucher. This process is important, because a foreigner has the right to know how much to prepare for him, and travel agencies also have money for their services.
It is very difficult to determine the exact cost, because everything depends first of all on how much the tourist will order and how long he plans to stay within the Ukrainian state. For example, if the trip is short-term for three to five days, then the voucher will not be too expensive. If a foreign citizen plans to live in Ukraine for a long time, for example, three weeks or more, then you will have to fork out. In this case, everything is individual and everyone should be guided by their own money savings.

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