Tourist voucher to Ukraine: where you can get and what you need for this

26.06.2017, 16:06
Tourist voucher to Ukraine: where you can get and what you need for this
A travel voucher to Ukraine is a mandatory paper for obtaining the same category of Ukrainian visa. It is produced, as a rule, through various travel companies or other private structures that are engaged in booking tourist services in the territory of Ukraine.
Why do I need a tourist voucher and what is it?
A tourist invitation to Ukraine (also called a voucher) is a mandatory item in the package of necessary papers for obtaining the same category of Ukrainian visa. That is, without it, a visa sticker will not be issued to a foreign applicant.
Tourist voucher is a paper that can be of different sizes, which contains all the necessary information about the future tourist trip of a foreign citizen. If to speak in simple words, then there are indicated the terms of stay in the Ukrainian territory, the place of residence (hotel, hostel, private apartments, apartments), how the foreigner will travel, how many guests will reside, other additional services that, if possible, were ordered by a representative of a foreign country .
Vouchers are usually made in triplicate, because they are all needed. One - goes to the Embassy to issue a visa, the second - is kept by an alien during the whole tourist trip to Ukraine, and the third one - just in case lies in a travel company.
What you need to get an invitation
Ukrainian tourist visa is considered one of the most affordable, because it is easy to arrange it. This primarily relates to the process of making a tourist invitation, because for this you need very few documents, forces and time.
Travel agencies from foreigners that they plan to travel to Ukraine require only a passport that is needed for housing reservation. Also during the process of registration, the tourist questionnaire is filled in, where the applicant enters the main contact information.
Term of manufacturing the voucher
The process of making an invitation takes only a few days. The term here directly depends on the speed of confirmation by the travel agent of the accommodation reservation for foreign citizens.
Cost of tourist invitation
The exact cost of a tourist voucher can not be determined. After all, there are several factors that influence the formation of prices. First of all, one should be guided by the number of tourist services ordered by a foreign citizen. The more of them, the more the invitation will cost more. Also, everything depends on the quality of these services, if living in five-star hotels will cost more, then the number in three-stars and the like will be cheaper.

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