Tourist voucher to Ukraine: the main steps to getting

09.10.2017, 13:10
Tourist voucher to Ukraine: the main steps to getting

A tourist voucher to Ukraine is undoubtedly an important document, because on the basis of it all foreigners can apply for a tourist visa. This type of permission to cross the Ukrainian border is quite popular among the representatives of other states, because Ukraine has all the conditions for a good holiday - beautiful nature (mountains, sea, lakes), a rich historical past and an interesting present. Therefore, the opening of a tourist Ukrainian visa and, accordingly, the design of an invitation is an actual problem. Get this paper is quite simple, it does not even take much time. You can do it yourself, or you can simply turn to intermediary firms, which for a fee will do everything qualitatively and quickly. The foreign tourist himself solves this issue.

What is a tourist voucher

A tourist voucher or as it is often called an invitation is a text document that must be certified by the seal of the travel agency (without it it loses its legal force), where it is said about booking a place of residence for foreigners on Ukrainian territory. However, quite often the Ukrainian consuls allow filing with fax copies of vouchers. All individually.
The tourist invitation may contain different information, but it must necessarily refer to the future tourist trip to Ukraine.

Where can I get a tourist voucher

As mentioned above, the agency responsible for the tourist invitation is a travel agency. That's where everyone should go to get and buy a tourist voucher. There is also an alternative option - private visa firms, whose profile is visa issues. There also without problems will help with its reception.

Documents for voucher receipt

A tourist voucher is probably the easiest to get. Here it is a question of all other types of invitations which are required for registration of the Ukrainian visas. In a travel agency or visa authority, only a passport must be issued for the voucher. They are also often asked to fill out a tourist questionnaire, in which in most cases only contact information of a foreign citizen is entered.

The cost of the voucher and the period of its registration

It is very difficult to say exactly how much the tourist invitation will cost. All individually and depends on several factors, for example, the number of tourist services ordered by a foreigner, their quality, hotel category and so on.
The time for processing the invitation is several days. This is not long, everything, as a rule, depends on the speed of the tourist operator in Ukraine, which must confirm payment and accommodation reservation.

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