Tourist voucher to Ukraine: what is and how to get

19.02.2018, 17:02
Tourist voucher to Ukraine: what is and how to get

A travel voucher to Ukraine is an important document that is needed to submit papers to the Embassy by foreign citizens so that they can be guaranteed to receive a Ukrainian tourist visa. The necessary information is indicated there, which is the confirmation of the purpose of traveling of foreign tourists to the Ukrainian land.

Where can I get a voucher

A voucher or even a tourist invitation (these two terms are very similar in content) can be obtained in specialized firms that deal with booking apartments, that is, hotels, apartments on Ukrainian territory, and in turn provide tourist services to all comers.

What is a voucher and what is needed to receive it?

A tourist invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine is a simple, ordinary paper document. It can even be called a kind of agreement between the tourist (visa) company and the client, which lists the tourist services. It consists, as a rule, in three copies. Why so much? This is all necessary for one to stay with the tourist during his Ukrainian voyage, the second - was saved just in case in the travel agency, and the last third was provided in the original to the Ukrainian Embassy for a tourist Ukrainian visa.
To receive a voucher by a foreign tourist a very small package of documents is submitted. If you compare it with other kinds of invitations, then everything is simple. In the agency that draws up the voucher, only a foreign passport and a special questionnaire are required from the client, which is filled even on the spot. The text of this application specifies contact information, passport data and the like.

Cost and production time

Most foreigners prefer a tourist Ukrainian visa and accordingly design this type of invitation for the reason that it is very simple and quick to get these two things. The voucher is issued in just a few days, because its production does not need to wait for permission from certain government agencies. One should only hope for the speed of the work of special tourist operators, which must confirm the booking and payment of housing in Ukraine.
If we talk about the cost of a voucher, then the exact amount is difficult to name. But everything is determined by two important factors: the number and cost of the services ordered. The more a foreigner wants to see in Ukraine (a large number of sightseeing programs) than in a more expensive and convenient hotel will want to live, the more it will have to pay for the registration of this tourist voucher.

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