Urgent tourist visa to Ukraine: everything necessary for registration

12.07.2017, 11:07
Urgent tourist visa to Ukraine: everything necessary for registration
Urgent tourist visa to Ukraine is issued, as a rule, from seven to ten calendar days. This type of visa approval is necessary for those foreigners who plan to urgently go to the territory of Ukraine in order to visit the main sights and for other tourist purposes.
How can I obtain an urgent tourist visa
A tourist visa for Ukraine is issued on the basis of:
1. The questionnaire of a foreign tourist, where he contributes all the basic information.
2. Photographs that are made recently and completely correspond to the appearance of the applicant.
3. Insurance against accidents, which can happen to a foreigner during a tourist trip.
4. Passports of foreign, which is designed to paste a tourist visa.
5. Banking documents that must confirm the financial ability of a citizen of a foreign state to cover their own expenses during the trip.
6. Tourist voucher.
7. Tickets for one of the modes of transport.
Grounds for issuing an urgent visa
A tourist visa for trips to Ukraine, as practice shows, is issued in two weeks. But for many foreigners this term is inappropriate, because you need to go earlier. In this case, when submitting documents to the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​urgent examination should be ordered. The main reasons for this are:
1. Tickets for a specific date, which will show the fact that the departure should start earlier.
2. The tourist invitation (voucher) states that the hotel reservation is also started earlier than the date of issuing a tourist visa.
It is based on these factors, the Ukrainian consul and gives out to foreigners tourist visas earlier than the standard period, to be exact in seven or ten days, depending on the situation.
Cost of urgent visa to Ukraine on tourism
The determination of cost is also affected by one factor - the number of possible entries for this visa.
If you need a single visa, then do not worry, because it will be cheaper. Further on the price ladder is a two-fold visa for the purpose of tourist trips. And the most expensive for a foreign tourist will be visa sanction, which will allow to repeatedly cross the Ukrainian border. But it is worth remembering that in Ukraine for such visas can be no more than three months in the half-year.
Regarding an urgent visa, a double fee for the visa fee is charged, depending on the chosen category.
How to pay
The entire amount for urgent consideration of the visa business is paid on the spot after submission of documents. For this purpose, foreigners receive a special check, where the whole amount is indicated. By the way, American dollars are needed for payment. If they are not available, you can make a currency exchange when making a payment.

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