Visa to Ukraine for Benin citizens: the main points of obtaining

06.08.2019, 15:08
Visa to Ukraine for Benin citizens: the main points of obtaining

Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Benin - a stamp in the passport, which in turn gives the right to its owner to freely cross the border. This permission is made through the diplomatic services after submitting there a list of documents that are required by immigration law. Our company has been arranging everything necessary for Ukrainian visas for many years, so we are ready to quickly and in a short time do everything possible so that the necessary sanction is on hand.

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Before you start applying for a Ukrainian visa, you should determine the purpose of your trip to this country, because this fact affects both the list of documents required for obtaining and the application process. The most popular types of Ukrainian visas among Benin residents are tourist, business or guest.
Once the goal is defined, you can prepare documents. For many applicants, this stage of registration can prove difficult, because you have to spend a lot of time and effort. In this case, contact our company.

The collected documents should be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate, depending on which diplomatic body is closer to the applicant’s place of residence.
The next stage of registration is the following - after filing the papers pay the visa fee. This is mandatory for all applicants who are already six years old. The amount depends on the category of visa sanction. What does it mean? There are three types of Ukrainian visas according to the number of possible entries:

1. One-time, which gives the right to one entry, but costs less than all.
2. Double, which costs a little more than the previous one, but you can cross the border twice already.
3. Multi visa for frequent travel. It is more expensive of all possible.
The visa fee is paid, as a rule, even before the filing of the papers, and the receipt is attached to the documents themselves. Of course, the payment process directly depends on the internal rules of the diplomatic institution itself. One only needs to know what is paid in American dollars.
The last step in this process is waiting and getting a visa. It takes about two weeks to produce, unless, of course, additional time is needed for a detailed review of the case.

Required Visa Papers

Citizens of Benin can obtain any type of Ukrainian visa only after applying for the following:
1. Questionnaires of the required type, which they fill out either by hand or online. The main thing here is to enter the data correctly and reliably.
2. Passport view photographs.
3. Foreign valid passport with blank pages.
4. Invitation to Ukraine for Benin citizens.
5. Additional papers, for example, statements about the state of the bank account, transport tickets and the like.

What is an invitation?
Any Ukrainian visa for Benin citizens is done only on the basis of an invitation, which should be considered key in the list of required papers. In simple words - there is no invitation, there will be no visa.
The most popular types of Ukrainian visas among foreigners, as they say, are tourist, business and guest. Accordingly, such types of invitations are also no less in demand among applicants. This fact should be considered before starting the preparation of papers.

A tourist invitation for Benin citizens enables the applicant to obtain a tourist visa for short or long trips, it will all depend on the financial capabilities of foreigners (how much time is booked and paid for housing, etc.). They will help with a travel voucher in an officially registered travel company or with us, because our company has been preparing visa documents for several years.

A private invitation for Benin citizens is needed to obtain a guest visa, which is also issued for single or frequent trips. You can issue it both in Ukraine (as a rule, the receiving party is engaged in this), and through our company.

A business invitation for Benin citizens gives the right to get a business visa for meetings with Ukrainian businessmen, who, as a rule, send this document to a foreigner for permission. If this is not possible, then you should contact us.


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