Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Mexico and the stages of registration

06.08.2020, 15:08
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Mexico and the stages of registration

Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Mexico - a special stamp on the foreign passport of a foreigner, which gives him the right to freely enter Ukrainian territory. Registration takes place through diplomatic bodies, which have received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the right to issue permits for crossing the border to representatives of other countries. For this, a mandatory set of documents should be prepared, which in turn proves the alien’s intentions regarding a trip to Ukraine.
The preparation of such a sanction takes from several weeks to several months, it all depends on the complexity of the situation, the purpose of the trip of Mexicans to Ukraine. We are ready to help with the preparation of all necessary papers, since we have been working with documents for Ukrainian visas for several years. We will make every effort so that you will soon receive permission to cross the border.

Design Features

Mexicans, like any foreigners who need to get a permit in advance, can get a visa only on the basis of binding documents, the list of which is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The first step in obtaining a visa is to prepare them.
The next is to submit to the Consulate or Embassy.
The rubbing stage is the payment of the visa fee, which is required from all applicants older than six years.
Well, the last one is getting the result.

List of documents

Mexicans must obtain the following to obtain a Ukrainian visa:
1. A questionnaire, a sample of which is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can fill it both online and by hand, the main thing is to enter all the data correctly and clearly.
2. Passport-format photographs taken by the applicant shortly before the papers were submitted to the Embassy.
3. Foreign passport - valid, with free pages, accurate.
4. Accident insurance.
5. An invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Mexico, the type of which depends on the purpose of the trip.
6. Additional papers depending on the requirements of the diplomatic services or at the request of the applicant himself.
If this list seems complicated to the applicant, then you should contact our company. We help at all stages of applying for a visa.

Visa invitation

The key document in the list of necessary is an invitation, without which it is simply unrealistic to get a visa. There are some of the most popular types of invitations among Mexicans:
1. Tourist invitation for citizens of Mexico gives the right to obtain a tourist visa for a single or multiple trip, despite the deadline to book and pay for housing in Ukraine. A travel voucher can be obtained from an officially registered travel agency or from our company.
2. Private invitation for citizens of Mexico provides the opportunity to apply for a visa for guest travel as a single or multiple, depending on the text of the document itself. As a rule, it is sent to foreigners by the host country in Ukraine. If there is no way to get this document in this way, then you should contact us.
3. Business invitation for citizens of Mexico Foreigners need to open a business visa. The purpose of trips in this case is to establish business contacts with Ukrainian business groups, specific entrepreneurs. An invitation of this type also gives the right to receive both multiple and one-time visas, depending on how long foreign visitors are expected. Also, the receiving party directs its parts, but our company will help with quick registration and without the presence of Ukrainian partners.

Visa Term and Cost

A visa for a trip to Ukraine is made at the Embassy or other diplomatic body within two weeks after the submission of papers. Subject to payment of a double visa fee and the provision of supporting documents for an urgent departure, an express order can be ordered (production time is several days).
The size of the visa fee depends on the category of visa in accordance with the number of possible entries on it, in particular:
1. Once.
2. Double.
3. Multiple.
Of course, a visa for frequent travel costs the most, and the smallest amount applicants pay for single entry sanctions.


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