Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan, features of obtaining

06.08.2019, 14:08
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan, features of obtaining

Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan - a stamp in the passport, which according to the law gives the right to a resident of this country to cross the Ukrainian border. This sanction is prepared in the diplomatic service on the basis of a clearly defined list of documents.

Stages of obtaining a visa

All citizens of Turkmenistan can easily obtain a visa to Ukraine only under one condition - you must first prepare the necessary list of documents, which depends primarily on the purpose of the trip. If there is no time to prepare everything you need, then you should contact our company. We will quickly find all the necessary papers so that in a short time the applicant can get permission to leave, because we have extensive experience in processing papers for Ukrainian visas of any category.

So, the first stage is the preparation of all documents. The next is to submit them to the diplomatic bodies in the applicant's country of residence. This includes consulates, embassies. As a rule, documents are submitted in person. After this step, you should pay the visa fee, the amount of which depends on the category of sanction. For example, a Ukrainian visa with the possibility of multiple entry, which is open for frequent trips to Ukraine, will cost the most. The sanction for double entry costs a little cheaper, and you will have to pay the lowest amount for a one-time entry.
Well, the last stage is the selection of the result. As a rule, it takes about fifteen days to produce any type of Ukrainian visa for citizens of Turkmenistan. However, for double payment of the visa fee and the provision of additional documents, you can issue an express issue. Our company is ready to do everything possible for you to quickly get a visa to Ukraine, just write or call us.

Package of documents

Citizens of Turkmenistan to obtain a Ukrainian visa without fail provide the following documents:

1. Visa application form, where only reliable information should be entered. You can enter data by hand or online.
2. Passport-format photographs that will meet the appearance of a foreigner at the time of the trip. Take a photo without bright makeup, hats and jewelry, unless otherwise provided by religious rules.
3. Passport with free pages. The passport document must also be valid after the end of the visa and return home.
4. An invitation to Ukraine for citizens of Turkmenistan of the desired category, depending on the purpose of crossing the border.
5. Other additional papers, depending on the purpose of the visa, on the requirements of a particular consulate, or even at the request of the applicant. For example, bank statements, transport tickets and the like are attached to the case.
Important: the documents that will be submitted to the diplomatic service should be prepared responsibly and provide only true information in order to avoid a negative decision from the Ukrainian consul (refusal).

What is an invitation and its types

The key document in the package required for residents of Turkmenistan to obtain a Ukrainian visa is an invitation. It proves the purpose of the trip of a foreigner, his intentions regarding his stay in Ukraine. In simple words - without it, it is simply impossible to obtain an entry permit.
Our company draws up an invitation to any Ukrainian visa, depending on the purpose of the trip. If you do not have time, opportunities to independently engage in such work, we are always ready to help.

The most popular types are:

1. Tourist invitation for citizens of Turkmenistan makes it possible to obtain a tourist visa for single or multiple travel, depending on what will be indicated in the text of this document.

2. A private invitation for citizens of Turkmenistan is provided by applicants for a visa to visit friends, acquaintances or relatives. You can apply for a multiple, double or single entry visa.

3. A business invitation for citizens of Turkmenistan also gives the right to obtain a visa, but with a business purpose for establishing contacts with Ukrainian businessmen.


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