Visa to Ukraine for citizens of the Philippines, features of obtaining

18.08.2020, 01:08
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of the Philippines, features of obtaining
Visa to Ukraine for citizens of the Philippines - a document allowing a foreigner to cross the Ukrainian border for one purpose or another. According to the Foreign Ministry, most Filipinos come to visit friends or relatives, business or as tourists. It’s fashionable to obtain such permission on the basis of a clearly defined set of documents, the key among which is the invitation.

Stages of applying for a Ukrainian visa for the Philippines

Foreigners to enter Ukraine (unless otherwise provided by international law) must have a valid Ukrainian visa in their passport, which can be obtained through the following steps:
1. Preparation of a package of documents that will meet the stated purpose of the trip.
2. Submission to the appropriate diplomatic services in the country of residence of the foreigner or in Ukraine, if you need to extend an existing visa.
3. Payment for the services of government agencies involved in visa processing.
4. Getting the result.

Package of required documents for a Ukrainian visa for the Philippines

The number of documents primarily depends on the purpose of the trip. Also, considering a specific visa case, the Ukrainian consul may additionally require certain papers. All individually. However, there are several positions that are common to all categories of Ukrainian visas:
1. A questionnaire of the appropriate type, where all the information that will concern a future trip is preliminarily entered - passport details, contacts of the receiving party and the like. You can fill in both by hand and online.
2. Passport-type photographs that should be taken shortly before submitting documents to the Embassy.
3. A passport with blank pages, it must also be valid.
4. Invitation to Ukraine for citizens of the Philippines.
5. Health insurance.
You can optionally enclose bank statements on the status of the current account, confirmation of family relationship with the receiving party and other additional papers. For most foreign applicants, such a package of documents can be complicated; difficulties may arise even at the beginning of filling out the questionnaire. In this case, you need to contact us for help. Our company has been working in the visa services market for several years, we have drawn up documents from hundreds of applicants, and we will help you with everything you need.

Ukrainian visa invitation for the Philippines

Any Ukrainian visa cannot be opened without an invitation, it is mandatory and key in the package of necessary papers.
Among foreigners there are three of the most popular:
1. Tourist invitation for citizens of the Philippines gives the right to open a single-entry visa or for frequent travel, depending on how long to book a home. Quite often it is called a tourist voucher, because it contains all the information about the upcoming trip and the list of services that a foreign tourist will use.
2. A private invitation for citizens of the Philippines will give a foreigner the right to open a visa for both single and multiple trips to visit friends, relatives or just close people. As a rule, it is sent by the receiving party, but we can also issue it.
3. A business invitation for citizens of the Philippines is needed to open a business Ukrainian visa. Foreigners need it for business trips to Ukraine in order to meet with Ukrainian entrepreneurs, representatives of large companies and the like. You can apply for multiple or single entry visas.
Production time and cost for a Ukrainian visa for the Philippines
Filipinos can get a Ukrainian visa two weeks after submitting documents. That is how much time it takes the standard time for considering cases in Ukrainian diplomatic institutions. Quite often, foreigners need to leave for Ukraine in a short time, then you can ask for an express extradition in a few business days. But for this you need to have some reason and pay for the services of a consular post in double size.
By the way, the cost of a visa sanction directly depends on its type. For example, a multiple-entry visa will cost the most, a double visa costs a little less, and a small amount is paid for a one-time visa. They pay with American dollars before or after the filing of the papers, it all depends on the internal rules of the consular authority.

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