Visa to Ukraine as an opportunity to freely cross the Ukrainian border

13.03.2019, 15:03
Visa to Ukraine as an opportunity to freely cross the Ukrainian border
Visa to Ukraine for residents of many countries of the world is an excellent opportunity under international law to cross the border with this European country and stay there for a clearly defined number of days.
Historically, after Ukraine gained independence, this country signed a number of agreements on the establishment of a visa regime. And for many countries this means one thing - their citizens must first apply to diplomatic institutions at various levels for obtaining entry permits, that is, visas. And for this it is worth preparing a certain set of documents in accordance with the purpose of the trip.

The types of Ukrainian visas are quite simple to determine; the main thing is to know the purpose of travel. The most common are guest, tourist, work, student, business visas. They are many, the list goes on and on.

Required papers

Visa to Ukraine for foreigners is made only after submission to the consular authorities of the following:

1. Questionnaires that can be filled in online or manually. However, it is important to make minimal corrections. The information in the questionnaire is credible, since everything is checked.
2. Photos. They must be fresh, high-quality and meet the passport format.
3. Passport for traveling abroad with free pages (must be at least two). It must also be neat.
4. Insurance from an insurance company accredited to the Ukrainian Embassy.
5. Documents from the bank, which in turn indicate the availability of funds from a foreign applicant. Or a specific sponsorship letter from the host.
6. The invitation of the appropriate type depending on the category of visa.
7. Other additional documents at the request of the consular office or at the request of the applicant.
By the way, if a foreigner can not cope with the preparation of all the necessary papers, because this is the most important stage in obtaining a visa, then you can apply to private visa companies like ours. Skilled workers give advice, help with obtaining the necessary documents and the like.

Invitation and the process of its receipt

You can make a visa to Ukraine only on the basis of an invitation. Without it, getting permission to cross the border is simply unrealistic. It should correspond to the declared category of the visa and according to the purpose of travel. For example, if a foreign citizen goes to the Ukrainian land to visit friends / relatives, then he needs to issue a guest invitation and, accordingly, a guest visa. If the purpose of the trip to Ukraine is training, then there should also be a student visa and, accordingly, an invitation from the educational institution.
Any invitation can be made in our company. We can easily prepare everything you need. After all, the process of issuing an invitation also includes collecting certain papers and submitting them to the relevant authorities.

Term of making a Ukrainian visa and its cost

Any Ukrainian visa is about two weeks. So much time is needed for consular officers to check documents and make decisions.
In the case when the alien must urgently get a sanction, you can negotiate express delivery. But it is under two conditions - it is necessary to provide documentary evidence of the urgency of departure and pay double the size of the consular fee. We are ready to help you with the decision of a question of urgent receipt of a visa.
The cost of Ukrainian visas depends primarily on the category of this sanction. In particular, disposable visas are considered to be the cheapest. A little more expensive for the price are double the sanctions, but the greatest amount of applicants pay for a visa for multiple trips.
Pay the consular fee in US dollars. Receipt of payment is applied to the visa business.

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