Visa to Ukraine for foreigners: the main stages of registration

13.09.2017, 17:09
Visa to Ukraine for foreigners: the main stages of registration

The visa to Ukraine for foreigners for most citizens of world states is something without which they will not be able to cross the Ukrainian border. The visa is a sticker in the passport, which is intended for traveling abroad, which contains all the necessary information for the border guard service.

Types of Ukrainian visas

Types of Ukrainian visas can be easily identified depending on the purpose of the planned trip. There are more than twenty of them, there is no point in listing everything.
The most popular are: workers, tourist, business, guest, cultural, sports.

Stages of registration

Any type of Ukrainian visa provides for several stages of registration. The main steps that are worth going on the way to getting are:
1. Collection and preparation of the list of documents required by the Embassy of Ukraine. This can be done both independently and use the services of various visa organizations of a private nature, but necessarily for an additional fee.
2. Submission of them to the diplomatic bodies, which are the legislation of Ukraine, are entitled to issue similar sanctions for crossing the border. In most cases, each applicant must personally do this, but everything depends on the consular district.
3. Payment for the services of these diplomatic structures. The consul for consideration of business takes the certain sum which size directly depends on two factors:
- the period for issuing a visa. In the case of a standard (up to fifteen days) - the payment goes according to the tariff, and in case of urgent (three to ten days) - double size;
- category of visa. The most expensive is a multiple entry visa, because according to the rules it allows foreign citizens to travel many times, and to be practically three months in Ukraine, and already the smallest amount will have to be paid for a one-time visa. Also there is a two-fold visa, it is practically in the middle between the two.

Required papers for visa

Of course, each category of the Ukrainian visa requires an appropriate package of documents. But there are certain positions that unite. For example:
1. Visa application form, where the foreigner makes all the data in accordance with his purpose of travel.
2. Photographs of passport size.
3. Foreign passport document.
4. Medical insurance against all accidents (mandatory for pensioners and minors).
5. An invitation of the appropriate type, which must necessarily be certified in the profile body (public or private, if any).

Invitation Requirements

All Ukrainian visas are opened only on the basis of invitations, most of which are received by foreigners from the Ukrainian side. They can be registered independently through migration authorities or private centers.

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