The procedure for obtaining a visa to Ukraine for foreigners

12.04.2016, 11:04
The procedure for obtaining a visa to Ukraine for foreigners

Visa to Ukraine for foreigners provides for the collection and pre-filing mandatory documents to the appropriate diplomatic or consular authorities of the structure of Ukraine.

The types of Ukrainian visas

The types of Ukrainian visas can be determined in accordance with the purpose of the trip, the time of the intended stay.
Visas in accordance with the terms of your stay:

1. The transit Ukrainian visa type B, which are set for a maximum of 5 days.
2. Short-Ukrainian visa type C, are given a maximum of 90 days in six months.
3. Long-term Ukrainian visa types A, issued by 90 days or more. Usually this type of visa is opened diplomatic representation of Ukraine for those foreigners who have applied for permanent or temporary residence permits in the Ukrainian territory.

Visas in accordance with the objectives shared border crossing:

Short-term visa
1. With a view to tourism;
2. For the purpose of the treatment;
3. For the purpose of private visits;
4. Visas for business trips and international transport;
5. For the purpose of conducting journalistic activities on the territory of Ukraine;
6. For the purpose of cultural exchanges and sporting events;
7. The religious purpose.

Long-term visas
1. For the purpose of legal employment;
2. For the purpose of life-long learning;
3. Private visits to the relatives of the first line.

Required documents

Make a visa to Ukraine you can at the Embassy of Ukraine or any other Ukrainian diplomatic structures, collecting previously required documents:

1. Neat and clean passport document with blank pages;
2. duly completed visa application form signed by both the passport;
3. Photos 3x4 formats;
4. In the case of visa fee payment receipt supplied consular fees;
5. The current insurance policy with a coverage area - Ukraine;
6. Minors - a notarized document certifying the legal border crossing children, accompanied by a third person, or yourself.

Additional documents

Visa to Ukraine for foreigners and also provides for the collection of additional documents, which brought the main purpose of the trip, in turn:

1. To open a transit Ukrainian visa:
- Documents that prove transit character of the trip to Ukraine (if necessary visa sticker in a third country, tickets for any transport);
- License for international passenger traffic and transport large loads, which is issued by the competent bodies of the foreign state.
2. Ukrainian tourist visa:
- Voucher paying accommodation in a hotel or hostel;
3. In order to provide the necessary private visit:
- The original invitation to that executed properly a division of Ukrainian Migration Service;
- Confirmation of family relationship with a citizen of Ukraine in case of a trip to the relatives of the first line.
4. To open a Ukrainian visa for the purpose of treatment:
- Invitation from the hospital confirming the medical examination and treatment procedures.
5. For business trips:
- Special invitation registered with the Migration Service of Ukraine, for business purposes;
- If necessary supporting documents on the state registration of foreign investments (perhaps even in a foreign currency) in the amount of not less than 50 000 dollars.
6. From a religious purpose:
- Letter from the application of the Ukrainian religious structure, decorated Ukrainian authority which carried out the registration of the religious structure, for a short stay in order to participate in religious rites, preaching religious beliefs.
7. For journalists:
- Letter of appeal from a foreign journalist structure to grant a visa to a foreign reporter that goes to Ukraine with a view to a short stay of execution of their official tasks.
8. To use:
- Registration of legally permit to attract foreign labor that is certified by the employment service;
- The employment contract or a contract.
9. In order to study:
- Special invitation from the institution of enrollment for study or internship, which is approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.

Term of consideration of visa applications

Visa applications are considered 15 days. It is also possible for an urgent consideration of an additional payment.

Ukrainian visa fee

Ukrainian visa prices have on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in particular:

- For single-entry visa will have to pay 85 dollars;
- Double entry visa costs $ 130;
- Multiple Visa - $ 200.
Exempted from payment:
- Children up to 6 years;
- Holders of diplomatic passports;
- The members of refugee families;
- The military that go on business trips;
- Official observers on the elections to the state authorities of Ukraine.

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