Visa to Ukraine: registration all of the nuances

25.10.2016, 11:10
Visa to Ukraine: registration all of the nuances
Visa to Ukraine - individual permission to enter the Ukrainian territory for a specific purpose and a clearly defined number of days.
Ukraine has a visa regime with many countries, so many foreigners have to discover a special permit to cross the border, referring to specialized consular authorities.
Making such sanctions it is solely based on the mandatory list of documents, which in turn approved by the Ukrainian government bodies - the Verkhovna Rada and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The types of Ukrainian visas
Ukrainian visa, like any other, in turn, are divided into different categories according to such factors: the number of entries, the purpose of the trip, the number of possible days of stay.
On the first factor there is a visa disposable, double and multiple.
On the second factor of visas for over - the tourist, guest, business, cultural, sports, work and the like.
The third are the short-term visa, which will allow foreign guest to be in Ukraine not more than 90 days in a half-year or long-term, respectively, the number of days in a year to 365.
The process of registration
Filing with the majority of Ukrainian diplomatic structures occurs personally. Pre-registration is not necessary.
An alien comes to the interview to the consular officers have a ready set of documents depending on the purpose of the planned trip. Then he gets a receipt for payment of services of these institutions. The cheapest is a Ukrainian short-stay visa with one entry, the most expensive - multi.
Term of manufacturing of Ukrainian visas continued standard of 15 calendar days. But there are cases where the time limit is delayed up to a month, when suddenly you need more detailed examination of the visa application. Also there is such a service as a rapid delivery of, usually up to 10 days, but subject to payment of the visa fee at double the rate.
List of documents
Visa to Ukraine for foreigners requires the following required documents:
1. Questionnaires with all contact details of the applicant and the host country, in addition to be all the information with regard to travel.
2 photo cards that match the Visa Code and passport size.
3. Passport - foreign available for the visa and how civil identity card, unless otherwise provided by domestic law.
4. Documents that attest the actual financial status of the applicant. More precisely - a positive balance on the credit / deposit map.
5. Health insurance.
6. Proof of travel purpose - special invitations depending on these same goals.
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