Visitor Visa to Ukraine at the invitation, procedure, registration

08.07.2019, 15:07
Visitor Visa to Ukraine at the invitation, procedure, registration
Guest visa to Ukraine by invitation - legal permission issued to citizens of other countries as the right to cross the Ukrainian border, which can be issued in the relevant diplomatic or immigration authorities on the basis of a set of documents clearly defined by Ukrainian legislation.

Guest Visa Process

How to issue a guest visa to Ukraine - one of the most pressing issues among foreigners that they plan to visit the citizens of this country or foreigners who simply legally live on Ukrainian territory. The answer to this question is simple - it is worth preparing the necessary package of documents with which we will be happy to help. Our company has been working in the market for the provision of visa services for several years. Having a great experience, we will do everything quickly and efficiently.

Submit the prepared documents to the Embassy, ​​Consulate or other diplomatic body of Ukraine, which is located in the foreign applicant's country of residence. By the way, you can continue to visit a Ukrainian visa, already being on Ukrainian territory, in this case, apply to the Migration Service.
Submission of documents includes payment for the services of those or other structures, which will make decisions on the case.
Well, the last stage is waiting for the result. Most Ukrainian diplomatic services give visas to foreigners, but there are times when they refuse. Therefore, it is better to take a serious approach to the preparation of papers, it is necessary to provide only reliable information.

Package of documents

Registration of a guest visa to Ukraine - a process that includes the preparation of the following documents:

1. Questionnaires for this type of visa, where it is necessary to accurately and accurately enter information regarding the future trip abroad, the contact details of the host country and their own, the number of days and the period for which the trip is planned. You can fill out the form by hand or online.
2. Photos. The next requirements for them are the passport format, current, fresh, that is, made shortly before the submission of documents, made on a light background without hats, sunglasses and jewelry, unless otherwise provided by religious convictions.
3. Foreign passport, where there are free pages for inserting the visa itself and, accordingly, stamps that will be placed when crossing the border with Ukraine. The main requirement for a passport document is that it should expire several months after returning home. It must also be neat, clean, and intact for passport data to be read correctly.
4. An invitation to visit, sent from the host country in Ukraine (it can be both a Ukrainian citizen and a foreigner, which legally resides there on the basis of a residence permit). You can make it at the notary or other bodies. Also our company is engaged in the production of such documents.
5. Accident insurance. An insurance company providing a policy for a foreigner must be accredited with the Ukrainian Embassy, ​​and the insurance coverage area must include the entire territory of Ukraine.
6. Other related documents provided either at the request of a particular consular authority, or at the request of the applicant. All individually. For example, very often, applicants provide evidence of family ties with the host country in Ukraine, documents from a bank (own or sponsor), proving their ability to cover expenses and the like.
To summarize, the process of registration is not very complicated. Although for most foreigners it may seem unreal. How to make a guest visa to Ukraine prompt in our company. We will quickly and efficiently prepare all the papers, help you pass the interview and submission confidently and easily.

Production time and price

How much is a guest visa to Ukraine - not less relevant question. The cost primarily depends on the category of visa authorization. If you analyze in more detail, the most expensive is a reusable visa, and less will have to pay for a one-time visa.
Production time takes about two weeks, it all depends on the work and workload of the consulate.

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