Visitor Visa to Ukraine - the need of its receipt

28.05.2016, 13:05
Visitor Visa to Ukraine - the need of its receipt
Visitor Visa to Ukraine and the need to obtain it depends on whether the signed agreement on visa-free movement between the two countries. The presence of such an agreement between the two countries makes it possible to freely cross the border without performing official functions to obtain an invitation.
Visa regime
Since 2011 in Ukraine, there are three main types of visas: transit (VB; average length of stay in Ukraine should not exceed 5 days), short-term (VC; average length of stay in Ukraine should not exceed 90 days within 180 days from the date the first entry), long-term (VD; average length of stay in Ukraine should not exceed three years, may be one, two, many single). Printing in the passport can be obtained in the Ukraine, on arrival.
For certain countries visa - required, for example:
- Vietnam
- United Arab Emirates
- Australia
- China (PRC)
- Egypt
- Iraq
- Mexico
- Albania
- Dominican Republic
- India
- Thailand
- Cuba
- New Zealand
- Pakistan
- Turkmenistan.

Visa-free regime
On the territory of Ukraine, free (does not require a foreign passport and invitation) can enter the internal passport (or under 18 years of residents of another state - the presence of a birth certificate) citizens:
- Belarus
- Armenia
- Georgia
- Azerbaijan
- Mongolia
- Moldova
- Uzbekistan.
Visa-free entry, with a foreign passport (for up to 30 days):
- Bosnia
- Herzegovina.
If you have a travel abroad. (For up to 60 days):
- Turkey.
For the period of 90 days, with the presence of a foreign passport, without issuing an invitation to the countries:
- Russia (starting in 2015 introduced skip mode for foreign passport, unilaterally.)
- Canada
- US
- European Union Countries
- Argentina
- United Kingdom
- Austria
- Ireland
- Brazil
- Hungary
- Romania
- Montenegro
- Netherlands
- Sweden
- Finland
- Portugal
- Switzerland
- Greece
- Cyprus
- Kazakhstan
- Israel
- South Korea
- Japan.
The grounds for entry could be: an invitation, transit, illness or death of a relative, a temporary residence permit, a contract of employment, driver's license of international flights.
To obtain a visitor's visa at the invitation of the consular office of Ukraine in a country whose natives requesting a visa, filed the following documents: a statement from a private individual (the letter), a copy of the passport of the inviting citizen of Ukraine, a copy of the internal passport of the citizen of another country, medical insurance, a receipt about payment the visa fee.
The letter states who invites, who are invited, the purpose of the visit, time stay in the country, who pays for being in Ukraine.
Visa fee
Price visitor's visa to Ukraine in 2016 is specified in the consulate, individually, depending on the country of origin, the cost ranges from 408 to 2040 hryvnia (visa can be issued at customs crossing).
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