Visitor Visa to Ukraine at the invitation of: registration process

19.11.2016, 17:11
Visitor Visa to Ukraine at the invitation of: registration process
Visitor Visa to Ukraine at the invitation - a special authorization from the Embassy of Ukraine, which gives a foreign citizen the right to freely crossing the border of Ukraine with the purpose of visiting Ukrainian citizens.
Making a guest visa is solely Ukrainian diplomatic institutions that are endowed with the ability to issue such a special sanction.
Registration procedure
The process of obtaining Ukrainian visa with guest aim begins with the collection of the necessary documents. Then pass the supply and transmission of interviews with specific employees of the Embassy.
After that, a foreign applicant receives a special receipt for payment for the visa, the cost of which is set according to the type of Ukrainian visa. For example, foreigners are three types: one-time, twice, many times.
One-time tourist visa to Ukraine will cost less to foreigners of all, but in this case it has a big disadvantage - to cross the Ukrainian border will be possible only once and no more. Double entry visa is almost one and a half times more expensive than the first. But multi visa will cost more than all.
Payment for the issuance of a visa is held in the bank's hand exclusively in US currency.
Issuance of visas ready - in two weeks. If you need to obtain a visa quickly, then the foreigner can issue so-called express, extradition is possible for the tenth time. But in this case, the visa fee is paid at double the rate.
It is important to remember that in case of failure, all the funds that were paid for the registration of documents and visas to foreigners will not be returned.
Required documents
Visitor Visa to Ukraine in 2016 requires the collection and submission of the following package of documents:
1. Completed application form to obtain a visitor's visa. The data is entered only in English letters or Russian.
2. Photos in the passport - 3x4, which are made with high quality and on a white background. It is forbidden to wear sunglasses, hats / decoration.
3. Passports for travel outside the country. If the first page of the passport document, but rather information on this page is not available in English, then quite often by foreign applicants and require translation.
4. Documents that attest to a sufficient amount of money to cover their own expenses during a trip to the guests on the Ukrainian territory.
5. The guest invitation, which shall be sent to the foreign host. Ukrainians can apply for it to the territorial bodies of the Migration Service in the basic mandatory documents.
6. Proof of family ties in the event of a trip to relatives only the first line.

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