Visitor visa to Ukraine by invitation: ways of quick registration

17.11.2017, 17:11
Visitor visa to Ukraine by invitation: ways of quick registration

A guest visa to Ukraine by invitation under international law is considered a prerequisite for foreign citizens to enter freely into the territory of the Ukrainian state to visit friends or relatives, depending on the situation.

What is a visa and an invitation

Visa - permission to cross the border. This sanction is an ordinary small-sized sticker in a passport for traveling abroad.
An invitation is a document certifying the fact and purpose of the trip, which is sent from the host country from Ukraine to a foreign guest so that he can quickly apply for a visa without problems. That is, this paper is mandatory in the list necessary for applying for a visa to the Embassy of Ukraine. The invitation is made by the receiving party or through private visa institutions, or independently through the Migration Service.

What else is needed for a visa

How to make a guest visa to Ukraine is undoubtedly a question that foreigners often ask, that they have planned a trip to Ukrainian territory. On the one hand, everything is very simple, if you draw up documents through private institutions that specialize in such matters. But on the other - it is worth to be very careful and carefully prepare for filing.
A guest visa is issued not only on the basis of an invitation. To this end, diplomatic bodies are provided with:
1. Questionnaire with all inscribed data relating to a guest trip.
2. Photographs - actual, meeting the requirements (3x4), performed on a light background.
3. Passport (original and copies) for traveling abroad with free pages.
4. Financial documents as evidence of the costs of the trip.
5. Medical insurance of the insurance group accredited in the Embassy of Ukraine, where the coverage area is the entire Ukrainian territory.

Cost of manufacture and period of consideration

The timing of cases from foreigners is determined depending on the situation, the complexity of the visa business and the like. As a rule, everything takes from ten days to two weeks. Of course, this process can be accelerated, but under two conditions:
- written grounds, on the basis of which the consul consents to such prompt extradition;
- Consular fee in double payment.
An important factor affecting the price is the visa category. If the cheapest is considered one-time, because it will allow only once to cross the border, then the most expensive is a multi-visa guest type, which has a huge advantage - multiple entry to Ukrainian territory. By the way, another type is a two-time visa, it is in the middle between these two.

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