What you need to invite an alien to Ukraine: the entire list of documents

04.07.2017, 16:07
What you need to invite an alien to Ukraine: the entire list of documents
What is needed to invite an alien to Ukraine is one of those visa issues that will often appear before foreigners, and even Ukrainians. After all, it is simply impossible to obtain a Ukrainian visa without an invitation, this document is mandatory in the list of necessary.
Where can I draw up an invitation
Before you determine what is needed to receive an invitation, you should know which organization to apply for it.
First of all, it is worth mentioning the Migration Service, because most of these documents pass through it. It is this state structure that issues working, business, guest invitations.
Also, many invitations (cultural, sports, religious) pass through such administrative bodies as the territorial representation of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
Invitations that are considered more specific are issued in bodies that directly invite foreign citizens. This applies, for example, to training. An educational institution of any level can issue an invitation for a citizen of a foreign state and provide other documents that will prove the receipt. Also, the tourist can be obtained at the travel agency.
Package of documents
You can issue an invitation to an alien to Ukraine on the basis of the following documents:
1. Applications that are filled by a person who cares about getting one of the types of invitations.
2. Identity card, which wants to receive such a document. Here we are talking about the Ukrainian passport.
3. A copy of the foreign passport of the foreigner who plans to open a Ukrainian visa.
4. Evidence of the purpose of obtaining this document and in accordance with the invitation for the foreigner. In this case, business contracts (if it's business), evidence of family ties, schedule of sports, cultural events and the like will come in handy.
5. References from any bank (Ukrainian or international), which will attest to the ability of both parties to cover the costs that arise during this trip.
6. Other additional documents provided at the request of applicants - foreigners or Ukrainian citizens.
Production time and cost
An invitation is issued from five to fifteen days, all depends on the speed of processing the application.
Concerning the payment, everything here depends on the type of invitation. If the registration passes through private companies, then all of course will cost more, because in this case, a service charge for assistance from third parties is also paid. As a rule, everyone also pays the entire state fee.

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