Where to issue an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: relevant authorities

26.01.2017, 11:01
Where to issue an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine: relevant authorities
Where to issue an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine - an actual visa problem which repeatedly arises from foreign nationals, and especially in the Ukrainian, they plan to invite to specific goals to his guests from other countries. After the invitation is the most important document on the basis of which the Ukrainian consul and takes the decision to issue a particular type of visa.
The structures that make out invitations
To find out exactly what you need to apply for body design invitations, we must first determine the purpose of the trip and the type of the document, respectively.
In particular, if foreigners want to come to one of the regions of Ukraine as tourists, on holiday, then it is necessary to issue an invitation to travel. And you can get it only in travel agencies that provide services to all comers armor residential apartments on the Ukrainian territory.
If the main goal is to work, business, and other guests, you have to execute the same invitation. Their names are identical name travel purposes. Check out these types of important documents can be in any available local bodies, which are subject to the Migration Service of Ukraine.
In the case of travel to Ukraine with the purpose of cultural exchange, sports events, participation in religious events, to issue these types of invitations you need in the local offices of ministries it. We are talking about the Ministry of Youth and Sports, culture.
Turnaround time - from several days to three weeks. The cost of the tour operators tourist set, others - the laws of Ukraine (paid stamp duty).
Documents for registration
If all of a sudden there was a question how to make the invitation to Ukraine, you should refer to the web pages of relevant organizations mentioned above, or to the various visa agencies that specialize in such matters and provide assistance to all interested applicants.
The main thing is to collect and submit the appropriate list of documents obtained after the invitation is not just.
The easiest way to issue an invitation to travel, because you need to provide to the travel agency only copy of the passport and the completed questionnaire tourist.
But others require more voluminous paper bag. They are all united by the following items:
- Special application from individuals;
- A copy of the alien's passport, a visa that will be supplied in the future;
- Certification of the person that is engaged in registration;
- Financial instruments that will bring the ability of the Ukrainian people fully or partially cover the costs of foreigners;
- Other additional documents in accordance with the category.

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