Where to issue an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine: bodies, cost and everything necessary

17.11.2017, 16:11
Where to issue an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine: bodies, cost and everything necessary

Where to place an invitation for a foreigner in Ukraine at the moment is perhaps one of the most important visa issues, which sooner or later will face both representatives of other states and Ukrainians.

What is an invitation?

Quite often it is necessary to read on the Internet that for the design of any type of Ukrainian visa it is necessary to provide a specific invitation. What it is?
The invitation is an ordinary paper, the size of which depends on the body that issues, and the text itself contains all the important information about the future trip of representatives of other states to Ukraine. It, as a rule, is directed by the receiving party, thereby justifying the necessity of the arrival of foreign guests.

Where to get an invitation

How to issue an invitation for an alien to Ukraine is a question, the answer to which can be found on the Internet pages of various visa companies specializing in similar problems. As a rule, there are two ways of obtaining it:
1. Through private organizations, which, for a fee, prepare everything necessary, are submitted to the relevant Ukrainian authorities and the like.
2. Independently through the Migration Service, wasting time preparing the necessary list of documents.

What is required for an invitation

It is logical that the invitation for submission to one of the categories of the visa is issued to all foreign applicants for a reason. As a rule, to obtain this paper requires more documents, which will attest to such its need for registration.
It is worth starting with the fact that it's easiest to make a tourist invitation, because to get it you need to provide only the passport of the one who plans to apply for a visa. All other types except the proof of the purpose of travel require:
1. The application, written by hand, dealing with the design.
2. Identification card.
3. Evidence, if necessary, to cover the monetary expenses of foreigners.
4. Evidence of previous cooperation in business, culture, sports between both parties. Evidence of family kinship. It all depends on the type of invitation.
5. Other papers if the applicants so wish.

The prices for the invitation and the terms of its registration

The sum to pay for invitations depends first of all on the firm through which they make out. If through private, it will cost a little more. Although it is not known how much one will have to spend in case of registration through the Migration Service. By the way, for the document itself, everyone is paid a state fee, regardless of how you decorate and where.
The time for issuing a tourist invitation is only a few days, all others - for up to three weeks and longer.

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