How to apply for a guest visa to Ukraine and quickly leave your own countr

16.07.2018, 16:07
How to apply for a guest visa to Ukraine and quickly leave your own countr
How to issue a guest visa to Ukraine and quickly leave the territory of your country, to get to the Ukrainian land is a block of important issues that exactly will arise with any foreign applicant who plans a trip to this European country. There are many methods of registration, but it is worth paying attention to effective options. After all, everyone wants to eventually get a positive response from the Ukrainian Embassy in the form of visa sanctions.
Procedure for obtaining
The procedure for buying any Ukrainian visa (including a guest visa) is simple, each applicant can pass it simply. It consists of several stages, the first of which is the preparation of all the papers that are required by the migration legislation of Ukraine.
The second stage, as a rule, is submission to the diplomatic bodies, which are responsible for issuing such visa sanctions. They include, for example, the Embassy or Consulate and other similar services located in the country of residence of the foreign citizen.
After the filing, the third stage is coming, no less important than the filing and preliminary preparation of documents - payment for the services of consular and other visa establishments. The cost, like the same list of documents, is clearly defined by the legislation of Ukraine in this area and is regulated only by them.
Well, the last step in logic is the expectation of the result and its receipt at the set time.
Package of documents
Registration of a guest visa to Ukraine is possible on the basis of the following securities:
1. The questionnaire filled out competently by the applicant or even by a third party. The main thing is that the signature there should be someone who will file documents and apply for a visa.
2. The photos are up-to-date and fresh, made on high-quality paper. The applicant's face must occupy almost all the photos.
3. Passport, which is intended for gluing visas. Be sure to include free pages, where the visa permission will be located.
4. Medical insurance of foreigners that travel abroad, covering the entire territory of Ukraine.
5. Invitation to visit, certified by the Migration Service and sent from Ukraine.
6. Proof of payment for visa services.
7. Other additional papers, depending on the requirements of the Embassy.
Price and time of receipt
Any visa requires a certain time for its manufacture. This process takes about two weeks. There is express delivery, but it is more expensive and not affordable for everyone.
The cost depends on the type of visa. If the smallest amount is paid by applicants who want a single entry visa, then there will be a lot of payment for future owners of multiple ones.

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