Electronic visa to Ukraine: the process of registration and issuance

25.04.2019, 11:04
Electronic visa to Ukraine: the process of registration and issuance
The electronic visa to Ukraine is a legal permit for representatives of other countries to cross the Ukrainian border for a clearly defined period and number of days. It has a number of advantages and disadvantages, which should be known before the start of its design.

Stages of registration

Electronic visa to Ukraine for foreigners issued online. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take care of the availability of Internet access and a scanner, because all documents will have to be scanned and sent to the Embassy.
So, the first step is to fill out a questionnaire on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There is a special menu where you can go and enter in all the online information regarding the upcoming trip. Important - the information must be indicated reliable, because it depends on this whether the foreigner will receive an entry permit or not.

Next, you should scan all the prepared documents and send them along with the questionnaire. The list of papers that are needed depends primarily on the purpose of the foreigner's journey. But there are several positions that are common to all categories:

1. Passport overseas. It must be valid and with free pages. Despite the fact that the visa itself is not put in a passport, the border service will mark the entry of the foreigner with special stamps.
2. Invitation of the required format, which depends on the purpose of the trip.
3. Medical insurance for the entire period for which the visa will be issued. Important - the insurance company must be accredited in the Ukrainian embassy. We are ready to help with the design of this document in a short time.

These three positions are common to all types of visas, but applicants, upon request or at the request of consular offices, may also provide additional papers, for example, bank statements about the applicant's financial condition, which testify his ability to cover his own expenses during the trip. In the case of a visit, quite often foreigners attach to the case and evidence of family ties, if any. Tickets for transport can also positively affect the decision to issue a visa.

Features of e-visa

Make an electronic visa to Ukraine is quite simple. This does not take much time, which makes this type of visa sanction quite popular among foreign applicants. There are a lot of advantages, among which in the first place is the possibility of registration remotely. One has only to go to the Foreign Ministry website or to ours and see all the necessary information. This is quite an important point, because not all foreigners can get to the diplomatic body to file documents there and get a visa sticker. The main thing is to have access to the Internet. If there are problems with this, our company is ready to help.

The answer comes to email in 24 hours. If the visa sticker in the Consulate will have to wait two or three weeks, then this type of visa is issued fairly quickly.
Low cost compared to the visa sticker. That's right, because the savings are substantial. However, it all depends on the type of visa itself and the number of days required. The cost of e-visa to Ukraine is 85 US dollars. Payment is made by credit card, but the receipt should be sent along with the documents to the mail of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. Without making a payment, obtaining an electronic visa is simply impossible. It is also worth considering the fact that in case of assistance from private visa companies like ours, they additionally pay for their services.

Of course, this all speaks in favor of the electronic visa. However, there are drawbacks that you should be aware of before starting the execution of this sanction. In particular, this is the fact that such a visa is issued only with the possibility of one entry and not more than thirty days. Therefore, if you expect a long time to be in Ukraine or often cross the border, then it is worthwhile to bother about getting a paper visa.
It is also worth printing the electronic visa before the trip and show the border guard along with the international passport. This is important, do not forget about it.

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