Getting a business visa to Ukraine for foreigners

09.04.2016, 12:04
Getting a business visa to Ukraine for foreigners

Required documents

Getting a business visa to Ukraine provides for the collection and submission of required documents:

1. Issued and signed visa form which can be filled out in English.
2. Trim and certainly a valid passport.
3. Photos 3x4 formats.
4. Payment of the visa fee, unless otherwise specified and provided by various international agreements between Ukraine and foreign states.
5. The current life insurance policy abroad, which was purchased in the applicant's home country, with the territory coverage - the whole world, and Ukraine.
6. For children acting notary consent to cross the Ukrainian border from the legal guardian.
7. Special invitation to a business trip, issued by a division of the Migration Service of Ukraine.
In some cases, the employee Ukrainian diplomatic service can invite a foreigner for an interview and request additional documents to apply to the visa application, which will specify the purpose of the journey.

to an invitation to the business requirements of a visa to Ukraine

Short-Ukrainian visa category C is given on the basis of an invitation, registered in the state structures of the Migration Service. The invitation on the letterhead of the Ukrainian company has not considered and is not a guarantee of obtaining business visas to Ukraine.
An important role in getting such an invitation Ukrainian now has sufficient funds to cover the costs for accommodation of foreign citizens in Ukraine.
The main documents on which the Migration Service provides business invitation only to legal entities:

1. Constituent documents of Ukrainian companies including registration certificate, excerpt from the State Register and a certificate of the taxpayer, the latest tax return.
2. A copy of the passport of the responsible person or the director of the company that invites a foreigner for business negotiations.
3. Business - charter companies with stamp.
4. A letter of guarantee from the Ukrainian company for coverage of all material expenses of the foreign citizen during his stay in Ukraine.
5. Order of the appointment of senior officials for the arrival and stay of foreign citizens in Ukraine, housing reservations.
This invitation is a fee (paid service structure of the Migration Service), the term of issuing invitations - 21 working days.

Duration of the Ukrainian business visa

Business Visa to Ukraine differs from other types of Ukrainian visas to the fact that the main purpose here is to solve specific problems and cooperation with Ukrainian enterprises. This visa does not provide official employment or training, so there is only a short-term single-entry, double or multi.
Business visa to Ukraine was called to participate in seminars, business meetings, exchange of experience between the two companies, the signing of business contracts, invest in interesting projects.
Business visa for foreigners in Ukraine opens Embassy from 10 days to 365 days (stay on Ukrainian territory 90 days a half). The corridor is usually made from a month or more.

Terms of visa Affairs

Making a business visa to Ukraine takes approximately 15 days from the date of submission of documents for consideration by the Ukrainian Embassy. Consideration may be delayed up to 30 days, even if the need for additional verification of documents.
It is also possible, and urgent consideration of visa applications to 15 days in some cases, with the consent of the Ukrainian ambassador and on the basis of the important reasons.

Ukrainian business visa cost

For issuance of business visas to Ukraine Ukrainian consular offices or diplomatic structures will have to pay a certain amount, which established the ISM:
- For a single Ukrainian business visa is paid 85 USD
- By a double Ukrainian business visa is paid 130 USD
- For multiple-Ukrainian business visa is paid 200 USD
In case of an urgent review of the visa application the foreigner pay the visa fee at double rate.
The amount of money taken for consideration of consular cases and is not refundable in case of cancellation.

Refusal of business visa

Embassy of Ukraine reserves the right to refuse to open a visa and entry to a foreign citizen. In this case, the writing comes a special message, which shows all the grounds and reasons.
The applicant may appeal against this decision, referring to the special consular structure, which considered the case, with the appeal letter. This letter must include an explanation of the request for re-examination of the visa application. An appeal may be filed not later than two months from the date of receipt of the decision to refuse the entry.

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