Business visa to Ukraine and the process of obtaining it

26.03.2019, 11:03
Business visa to Ukraine and the process of obtaining it
A business visa to Ukraine for foreigners has the form of a sticker in the passport and acts as an entry permit for business purposes. The following sanction is submitted at the Embassy of Ukraine or another diplomatic institution in the territory of residence of the foreigner. It can also be extended on the Ukrainian land; quite often foreigners, who are already there, apply to the relevant migration authorities for a new stamp. You can issue only on the basis of specific documents, the list of which is approved by the legislation of Ukraine.
Package of required documents
Registration of a business visa to Ukraine includes several stages, among which the main one is the preparation of the necessary papers. It is on the basis of them that a visa is opened, since the Ukrainian Consul must first ascertain the intentions of foreign applicants regarding their trip to Ukraine, and it is these documents that prove this.
To obtain a business Ukrainian visa, you need to submit to the diplomatic institution the following:
1. Questionnaire. You can fill it in online mode or by hand, the main thing is to take this matter seriously. There should be no corrections, the information should be accurate.
2. Photos corresponding to the passport type, that is 3x4. They should not be done in advance, better a few weeks before the filing of papers. Photos should be color, clear, without corners and rounding.
3. Passport with free pages. The document must also be valid for at least six months after the foreigner returns from a business trip home.
4. Accident insurance. The insurance company must be accredited in Ukraine, and the policy must cover the entire Ukrainian territory.
5. Invitation to business.
6. Other papers, depending on the situation, in particular, financial documents on the ability of a foreigner to cover their expenses, preliminary business agreements between residents of foreign countries and Ukrainians, and the like.
If the task of preparing documents for a foreigner is simply overwhelming and difficult, then it is worth contacting private visa companies like ours. Such companies help with the preparation of papers, issuing invitations and provide advice.
Invitation for a business trip
Obtaining a business visa to Ukraine is impossible without prior registration of a business invitation. According to the requirements of the Ukrainian migration legislation, it is mandatory and acts as confirmation of the purpose of the trip.
It is an ordinary paper document that is sent to a foreigner from Ukraine for a business visa. As a rule, the host parties are private entrepreneurs, specific firms, etc., which conduct business cooperation with the same foreigners.
Cost and production time
The price of a business visa to Ukraine is only $ 65, unless otherwise provided by international agreements. This amount can not change, except that the alien must obtain a visa permit in a short time.
All Ukrainian visas, whether they are business, tourist or other, are issued for up to ten days. That is, so much time is needed for Ukrainian diplomatic services to review documents. Of course, in the case of a detailed case study, sometimes this process takes up to two or three weeks. But there are cases when a foreigner urgently needs to go on a business trip to Ukraine. And for this, he provides written grounds, in particular, a call from a business partner or even tickets for a specific date for transport. In this case, double the size of the consular fee is paid, and the visa is issued in three to four working days.
Additional costs for a foreign applicant will have to be made in the case of paperwork through private visa companies. They set their tariffs on their own, based on a number of factors.
Important: all funds that will be a foreigner spent on a business visa, in case of refusal will not be returned. Therefore, it is important to provide reliable information and verified documents to the Embassy.

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