Business visa to Ukraine: the basic rules of registration

27.04.2019, 00:04
Business visa to Ukraine: the basic rules of registration
Business visa to Ukraine - special permission to cross the border with a business purpose, under which often involve cooperation with Ukrainian partners, the opening and maintenance of private activities and so on.
Such a sanction is issued in the diplomatic services both in the territory of the country of residence of the foreigner and in the Ukrainian migration authorities (you can simply continue the already existing business visa).
Our company provides expert advice on the production of a business visa. We help with the preparation of the necessary papers.
Stages of business visa
Registration of a business visa to Ukraine includes several main stages. Do not worry, they are not complicated and will not take much time, especially in the case of assistance from our side. So, the first step is to collect all the papers that are required for a visa by Ukrainian legislation.
The next step is to submit them to the relevant authorities, which are responsible for issuing entry permits for foreign citizens. These include the Consulate, the Embassy and others. The third stage should be considered payment for the services of these diplomatic bodies.
The cost is determined in accordance with Ukrainian legislation and depends on the category of the sanction itself. If we talk about the cheapest, this is a one-time visa. The largest amount will have to be paid for multiple sanctions. Well, in the middle is a double-entry visa. Pay, as a rule, after the submission of documents, but it all depends on the internal rules of the diplomatic institution itself. Well, the fourth stage is the result. As a rule, about two weeks are spent for registration. In some cases, if foreigners urgently need to obtain a visa permit, it is possible for a double payment and written proof of the need for such a quick exit, to be made within a few working days.
Package of documents
Obtaining a business visa to Ukraine is impossible without preparing a mandatory set of documents, in particular, are needed:
1. Questionnaire with reliable data regarding the future business trip of an alien. You can fill it by hand or online on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In any case, you should carefully enter the data and make no mistakes so that it does not negatively affect the issuance of the visa. Our company is ready to help with the solution of any question, including the filling out of this questionnaire form.
2. Photography. It is necessary to take a photo not long before the submission of papers, since it must correspond to the appearance of the applicant. The photo must be made on a light background, without corners. The applicant needs to be photographed without hats.
3. Passport with free pages. Needed for the visa itself, and for stamps. Passport must be valid for another six months after returning to the country of residence.
4. Invitation to business from Ukraine. Our company is also engaged in its design.
5. Additional papers, in particular, in the case of previous cooperation with the Ukrainian business partners of the agreement, transport tickets, documents from the bank, confirming the ability of the foreigner to cover their own expenses (third-party sponsorship can also be provided).
Business Visa Invitation
Quite often among foreigners the question arises - how to get a business visa to Ukraine. The first is to take care of the necessary package of documents, where the most important is a business invitation. As a rule, this paper is made by the host country, to which a foreign citizen goes for cooperation. But quite often, citizens of other countries open for the first time business Ukrainian visas, without having yet partners in Ukraine. In this case, it is worth contacting our company, we are ready to issue a business invitation for submitting a business visa in a short time and with high quality.
But you should know that for the manufacture of such a document you also need to pre-prepare the paper, pay the appropriate fee and wait for a clearly defined period. But without this in any way, because the invitation is a key and obligatory document, it is simply impossible to get an entry permit.

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