Buy an invitation to Ukraine and travel this country

10.07.2018, 11:07
Buy an invitation to Ukraine and travel this country
Buy an invitation to Ukraine and go on a trip to the provinces of this country wishes many citizens with foreign passports. Recently, this issue has become popular, because the number of foreigners wishing to obtain a visa permit to cross the border has increased. What is the relationship between an invitation and a visa? The connection is close, one concept can not exist without the other. That is, the issuance of a visa is impossible without the preliminary processing of the required type of invitation.
Where can I get such a document
Everyone can get an invitation to Ukraine, the main thing is that he is ready to go through all the stages. First you need to find out where to go for such a document. This will be the first stage of its successful design.
Most of the applicants, not having much free time, prefer various private companies, where for a fee they receive the necessary document. So do not waste time, strength, but it is worth considering that they pay for the services of these services.
If there is no desire or opportunity to formalize through a private company, then another option remains - independently through the state bodies of Ukraine. In this case, the applicant goes to the Migration Service or the local community and there solves the issue.
What you need to design
The procedure for processing such papers is short, but requires the preparation of certain documents. List of short: application, passport, proof of the purpose of travel of foreign residents. Maybe an additional document is required by an employee of migration structures, but everything depends on the situation itself and the type of invitation.
Cost and terms
The amount you will need to pay for the invitation for all is different. Especially it concerns those people who will apply to private companies. As a rule, a state fee is mandatory for everyone.
As for the terms of registration, here they are more clearly defined. In particular, in the case of cooperation with private entities, it is possible to obtain the necessary papers more quickly through state bodies. On average, this process takes about two or even three weeks. Here, the deadline depends on the type of document and the design methods.