e-Visa to Ukraine: advantages, disadvantages, registration

19.06.2019, 01:06
e-Visa to Ukraine: advantages, disadvantages, registration
e-Visa to Ukraine - official, issued by the Ukrainian diplomatic authority or migration structure permission to cross the Ukrainian border with a specific number of days of stay. Such a visa is issued online, using the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this. It has a number of advantages and disadvantages, which you need to know before starting to design.
Advantages and disadvantages of e-Visa
e-Visa visa to Ukraine for foreigners has recently become very popular among residents of other countries for the reason that it can be issued remotely, sitting at home at the computer. One has only to go through a few simple steps, registering in advance on the official web page of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This is a significant advantage of the electronic visa in comparison with the sticker, because you do not have to waste time, look for the Ukrainian Embassy or another diplomatic body in your country of residence, and the like.
Although, on the other hand, without having access to the Internet, it is impossible to issue an electronic visa. In this case, our company is ready to help. We will help with paperwork, quickly register, fill out a questionnaire, do everything possible so that the applicant quickly received the decision and took advantage of all the advantages of the electronic visa.
The next positive thing is the fact that the decision from the Ukrainian Embassy comes just a day. If you compare it with the paper one, which you have to wait from the Embassy for about fifteen days, it is unrealistically fast. Just an ideal option for those who are in a hurry and want to come to Ukraine in the near future.
Well, the most important argument that plays in favor of the electronic visa to Ukraine is the financial side. The cost of e-Visa to Ukraine is lower than the visa sticker, even if we take into account the cheapest one-time.
There are a number of other features of an e-visa that may seem like cons. In particular, it is that this sanction is issued with the possibility of one entry and not more than thirty days. If you are planning a short-term trip to Ukraine, then this is simply an ideal option, because the process of registration takes not so much time. In the case when it will be necessary to stay on Ukrainian territory longer than a month, or the border must be crossed often, then there is no other way out how to apply to the Ukrainian Embassy for the usual visa sanction.
The main steps for processing an e-visa
You can make an e-Visa to Ukraine remotely, for this you should go to the Foreign Ministry website, register and fill in the online application form. Enter the data should be carefully, because they immediately go to the visa. If a mistake is made, they can refuse to enter the border.
After the questionnaire is ready, all the necessary documents are sent depending on the purpose of the trip. They are scanned, not photographed, and then sent.
So, the main list should include:
1. A passport with free pages for stamps that will be placed on the border.
2. Medical insurance from an insurance company that is accredited with the Ukrainian Embassy.
3. An invitation of the required type, which serves as proof of the purpose of the trip. It can be a guest, business, tourist and the like.
4. Additional papers at the request of the applicant. They often provide transport tickets, bank account documents to prove their ability to cover their own expenses, and so on. All individually.
For many foreigners, such a package of documents may seem complicated and overwhelming. After all, sometimes there is no time to prepare all the necessary. And the most difficult task is to look for an invitation. It is most often received by foreigners from the Ukrainian side, which in turn is also engaged in design, spending a lot of time. But you can make your life easier and contact our company. Having many years of experience in preparing papers for any Ukrainian visa, we will quickly issue an invitation, fill in an online application form, that is, we will do everything possible so that you can quickly receive an e-Visa and go on a trip to Ukraine.

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