e-Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Samoa and how to obtain it.

23.01.2019, 15:01
e-Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Samoa and how to obtain it.

e-Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Samoa - permission to cross the Ukrainian border with specific goals and for a certain period of time. A feature of this sanction (this is what distinguishes it from a regular visa) is that its registration takes place online. To do this, you do not need to physically contact the Embassy of Ukraine or other diplomatic, immigration authorities. Just sent the documents, after a while got the result. The advantage of such a visa is that time is saved. You can also track the application online.

It is worth noting that to obtain this permission it is necessary to provide a specific list of documents, which, as a rule, are prepared in advance. If such a task seems difficult, then you should contact the private visa companies as ours. Qualified workers will help, prompt, do everything to save you time and effort, and as a result quickly received permission to enter.


Stages of registration

Making an e-visa for a trip to Ukraine takes only nine working days. To do this, you should not visit the consular office, you can register directly on the MFA website, then you need to send the necessary documents online, or rather their scanned copies. With this question we can help. If you do not have time to prepare all that is necessary for obtaining a visa, then contact us.

It is worth remembering that the e-visa for Samoa citizens is issued for a maximum of thirty days and with the possibility of one entry. If you need to stay in Ukraine for a long time and cross the border more than once, then you should contact the diplomatic services for a Ukrainian visa - stickers in your passport. There will need to apply, pay a fee and the like. If you are interested in such information, you can find it on our website or get advice directly from the manager.

The important point is that e-Visa is sent by e-mail. If you do not have it, you should first take care of the creation of the e-mail. And most importantly - do not forget that this e-visa should be printed before the trip. After all, she will be asked to show a border guard officer along with a foreign passport.


Required papers for e-Visa

Despite the fact that the registration of permission takes place online, all the same, applicants must prepare the necessary papers. Documents for e-Visa to Ukraine for Samoa citizens include a passport, insurance, additional documents regarding the financial condition of the applicant, and the like. Everything is individual here, because the purpose of the trip, the age of the applicant, the duration of the trip and the like are taken into account.

Important: The e-visa to Ukraine for Samoa citizens is issued to foreigners only on the basis of invitations, which are primarily proof of the purpose of the trip and is the basis for issuing an entry permit.

Most often for the electronic visa apply to residents of Samoa who plan to go with a tourist destination, business or visit.

To obtain such visas, it is worth giving types of invitations, which correspond to the type of visa. For example, on guest - private, business - business, tourism - tourist. They can be issued at the notary or travel agencies, but it is better to contact the intermediary visa companies like ours. We specialize in such issues, we work with the paperwork for obtaining Ukrainian visas for many years, so we know well what you need.


Making an e-Visa for a trip to Ukraine with a tourist purpose

Our company is ready to assist in obtaining a tourist invitation, which is necessary to obtain an e-visa for Samoa citizens for the purpose of recreation in Ukraine. Quite often it is called a voucher, because the text of this document should indicate where the foreigner will live, what excursions will be visited, that is, a list of all tourist services that the tourist has ordered.


Making an e-Visa for a trip to Ukraine for business purposes

To issue an electronic visa to Ukraine online for Samoa citizens who are planning to go to business meetings or to open a business, etc., can be based on a business invitation. It can be sent by business partners from Ukraine, with whom the Samoa citizen cooperates. And you can arrange through our company, without wasting time.


Making an e-Visa for a trip to Ukraine with a guest purpose

Quite often, Samoa residents travel to Ukraine to visit relatives or friends. In this case, they make out a guest visa, in this case electronic. For its opening you should definitely provide a private invitation. It goes from Ukraine, namely from the host country. To obtain such a document is to prepare a specific list of papers. If this turns out to be a difficult task, then we will help you without any problems.

By the way, the text of any type of invitation for e-Visa should clearly indicate:

- contact information of the receiving party;

- place of residence in Ukraine;

- information about who will cover the expenses of a foreign citizen during his stay in Ukraine;

- a term that plans to be a foreigner and the like.


The cost of e-visa

The cost of an e-Visa to Ukraine for citizens of Samoa is clearly defined by Ukrainian legislation in the field of migration. But do not forget that in the case of using the services of private firms will have to pay for their services. And the price here depends on the visa, the complexity of the work and the desires of the client.

As for payment, everything should be done online. Payment is carried out by bank cards. Here we are talking about the consular collection. Payment for the services of intermediary companies of our type, then you can see the prices on our website in the appropriate section.


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