e-Visa to Ukraine: how to quickly get the necessary paper

09.07.2019, 13:07
e-Visa to Ukraine: how to quickly get the necessary paper

e-Visa to Ukraine - legal permission to cross the Ukrainian border by citizens of other countries with specific goals and for a clearly defined period.
Such a sanction has a lot of features that you should read before starting the design.
What is an e-visa to Ukraine
Many foreigners are faced daily with the problem of obtaining permits to enter Ukraine, the preparation of everything necessary for this, and the like. Of course, not everyone needs a visa to cross the Ukrainian border, a list of countries can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
So, the process of obtaining permission to enter takes a lot of time. It is often not possible to devote several days or more for this. Therefore, an electronic visa has become relevant and popular at the same time. It has the same legal force as the sticker that is put in a foreign passport at the Embassy, ​​but the process of registration is simplified. It takes not much time. Our company is ready to assist in the preparation of all necessary to obtain such a permit.
So, e-Visa registration to Ukraine occurs remotely. The applicant does not bring documents to the Embassy, ​​does not pass the interview, it is only necessary to scan all the necessary papers, send them to the Foreign Ministry’s electronic web platform and fill in an online application form on the website of this state structure. Thanks to this simple process of obtaining, e-visa and has become popular among foreigners.
Features of e-visa in Ukraine
Before answering the question how to make an e-Visa to Ukraine, you should familiarize yourself with the features of this sanction and decide for yourself whether to issue it or not. Start with the benefits. First of all, e-visa saves time. The process of issuing a visa sticker takes from several days to several weeks depending on the complexity of the situation, the list of necessary papers and the like. Also submit documents to the diplomatic service, that is, the Embassy or Consulate of Ukraine, which may be located far from the place of residence of the foreigner, who plans to travel to Ukraine. And e-Visa can be issued while sitting at the computer. Plus, our company is ready to help with this, which will further simplify this process.

The next advantage is the speed of obtaining permission to enter. If the visa sticker is made about two to three weeks at the Embassy, ​​then the answer for the e-Visa passes a day after the submission of documents. This is an ideal option for those applicants who are in a hurry to Ukraine.
Well, e-visa is cheaper than paper. The financial side also plays a significant role in the selection. It cannot be said that e-Visa has disadvantages, it is rather peculiarities, in particular, it is said about such a fact - an electronic entry permit is issued for a period of one month with the possibility of one entry.
Required papers for e-Visa
At first glance, following the e-Visa to Ukraine for foreigners is easy, but you should not forget that you will have to prepare the necessary package of documents, which will prove the purpose of the trip to the Ukrainian territory. The first step is to provide an invitation. Its type depends on the purpose of the trip. For example, if you are planning a tourist trip, you need a tourist invitation or a voucher, as it is often called. In the case of traveling to work, you need to provide working. Well, so you can continue on. The main thing is to determine the purpose of crossing the border, and then prepare invitations.
By the way, the most popular among foreigners is business, guest and tourist.

The latter is well known, as it is easiest to get it. Here, the main thing is to find a travel company that officially works with Ukrainian operators and will be able to provide a package of travel services to one or another foreigner. Our company, having vast experience in preparing papers for all types of Ukrainian visas, is ready to help with obtaining a voucher.
No less pressing is the design of guest or business invitations. We are also ready to quickly solve this problem and assist you in obtaining an e-visa.


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