e-Visa to Ukraine: the main stages of registration

26.04.2019, 11:04
e-Visa to Ukraine: the main stages of registration
e-Visa to Ukraine has recently been gaining popularity among foreign citizens, because it has several advantages, especially the speed of receipt. In this regard, the Ukrainian government over the past year has increased the list of countries whose citizens were able to issue an electronic visa to cross the Ukrainian border.
Features of registration of e-visa to Ukraine
First of all, it is worth noting that such a visa is issued online. To do this, go to the Foreign Ministry website and register there. On the website of this government agency should fill out a questionnaire. Only here is an important point - the information should be credible, everything is clear.
If a foreign applicant cannot cope with such a task, we are always ready to help. We will do everything quickly, efficiently. Our company also provides advice on how to apply for this type of visa, including questions about filling out forms.
The next step in the design of e-visa is the preparation of documents. Among them it is worth noting the following positions:
1. Passport overseas with free pages. It must be valid (validity period - must be at least six months after returning to the country of residence), neat.
2. An invitation of the appropriate type. It all depends on the purpose of the trip. Basically, electronic visas are opened for trips to visit, to rest or to start a business in Ukraine. Goals can be many. The most popular types of invitations are - tourist, guest, business.
3. Other documents, in particular, bank certificates, evidence of family ties with the host country, and the like. Here everything is individual and often depends on the desire of the applicant or the decision of the Ukrainian diplomatic body.
4. Insurance.
All these documents should be scanned and sent with the questionnaire.
Also attached to this all and scanned a copy of the receipt of payment of the visa fee. This is a prerequisite, because the consideration of the case by the Ukrainian consular authorities is worth paying. The cost of an e-Visa to Ukraine is clearly defined by migration legislation and amounts to 85 US dollars. It is worth remembering that in the case of assistance from a private visa company, the service charge for the services of these companies is also paid. The amount is determined individually depending on the scope of work and the complexity of the situation.
Well, the last step is to get the result. As a rule, the answer is given within 24 hours. The decision comes to the email, it should be printed out and shown along with the passport at the border.
Advantages and disadvantages of e-visa
e-Visa to Ukraine for foreigners is made very quickly. This fact is an advantage of this type and distinguishes it from the usual label, which can be obtained at the consular office after a series of procedures. It takes twenty-four hours to make a decision, sometimes a little longer. But the paper visa is about two to three weeks.
Also an important positive point is the fact that the e-visa will be cheaper than the usual one. You can significantly save not only time, but also your own money.
An important advantage is the possibility of obtaining permission to cross the border remotely. After all, many foreign nationals do not have the opportunity to a diplomatic institution, submit documents, wait for a decision. If you do not even have time to apply for an e-visa, then you can contact our company - we will quickly and efficiently help with obtaining an entry permit.
Well, among the shortcomings is the fact that the e-visa is issued for only one entry and no more than thirty days. Therefore, it is so popular among foreign tourists or just those foreigners who only want to cross the border and continue to apply for a residence permit in Ukraine.
If the goal is a longer stay in Ukraine and frequent trips, then you should prepare the paper and contact the Consulate or the Embassy.
Also, many foreigners do not have access to the Internet, the ability to scan documents. But with this minus we are ready to help. As you can see, make an e-visa to Ukraine is very simple.

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