e-Visa visa to Ukraine

01.03.2019, 13:03
e-Visa visa to Ukraine
The e-Visa visa to Ukraine entitles its owner to freely cross the Ukrainian border (the Border Service will make the final decision on entry) and stay in this country for a certain number of days. As a rule, such a sanction is issued only for one entry and a maximum of thirty days. This must be taken into account before starting the process of registration. If a foreign citizen needs to be in Ukraine for a long time and enter and leave frequently, then it will not work. It is necessary in this case to bother about making a traditional paper visa, which is placed in the international passport.
The process of registration of e-Visas to Ukraine
This type of visa is extremely simple to issue, the only thing you need to have is Internet access. The first step is to register on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. Further, in the same place you need to fill out a questionnaire where to enter all the data about the trip.
The next step is to scan all the necessary documents, they also need to be downloaded. The list depends on the type of visa.
The last step is to pay for all services, that is, for the manufacture of a visa. It is worth paying with a bank card, if necessary - a receipt is also sent with all the scanned papers.
Required documents
e-visa to Ukraine needs to prepare a certain package of documents. In addition to the questionnaire, which is filled in on the Foreign Ministry website, it is necessary to scan:
- photo;
- the first pages of a foreign passport;
- insurance;
- invitation;
- documents from the bank on the availability of funds and the like.
A very important document from the entire list is an invitation. Its type corresponds to the purpose of the trip and the category of the visa itself. For example, if a foreign applicant plans to cross the Ukrainian border for the purpose of rest, then in this case it is necessary to prepare a tourist invitation. And so on - there must be a guest, etc.
Advantages and disadvantages of e-visa
The main disadvantage of the electronic visa to Ukraine is the fact that it can only be used once and stay in the country of destination for no more than a month. After the expiration date, you will have to travel outside the borders of the Ukrainian state, and then again prepare the documents in order to make an e-Visa to Ukraine again. Therefore, if you really need to go for a long time, for example, to work or study, then it is better to contact consular or other diplomatic services, file papers there and bother to open a visa in your passport - a regular sticker.
As soon as the decision to issue (positive) is made, an e-visa is sent to the applicant's email. It needs to be printed out and shown on the border only with a passport. Without it, she has no power.
The advantage of this type of Ukrainian visa is that it can be issued remotely. Quite a lot of foreigners do not have the opportunity to get to this or that diplomatic mission, they better go to the network and do everything online. If even with such a task it is difficult to cope, then you can turn for help (for an additional fee) to a private visa institution like ours.
The deadline for the production of such a sanction is significantly shorter than usual. Only nine days are necessary for consideration instead of two weeks in case of paper registration. And the cost of e-Visa to Ukraine is slightly less than the usual one-time.
Therefore, it is not surprising that due to these advantages, electronic sanction is gaining popularity among foreign citizens. In 2019, the Ukrainian government even expanded the list of foreign countries that can apply for an electronic visa for entry.

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