Е-Visa authorization to enter Ukraine

27.02.2019, 00:02
Е-Visa authorization to enter Ukraine
Electronic visa to Ukraine is a permit to cross the border with the appropriate purpose. Its difference from the usual sanction, which is pasted into a foreign passport document in diplomatic institutions, is that registration is possible online.

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Advantages and disadvantages of e-Visa

The most important advantage of this visa is the possibility of remote registration. An ordinary visa should be issued through consular offices. Very often, in the foreign applicant’s country of residence there is simply no diplomatic representation of Ukraine and you have to travel far. And so you can do everything at home at the computer.
So, the next advantage is a quick execution, because the time for consideration of the case, which is sent online, is much shorter than, for example, at the Consulate. You can get Ukraine e-Visa in just nine days, well, if the case does not raise additional questions.
Having a lot of advantages, such a visa authorization has certain disadvantages. Although it is difficult to call them negative, they are just such nuances that should be taken into account during registration. In particular, electronic authorization can only be for a one-time trip of no more than thirty days. If a foreign citizen plans to travel frequently to Ukraine or stay within it for more than a month, then it is worth contacting the Consulate and submit the necessary documents there. Electronic visa should be printed out before the trip and presented at the border along with the international passport. Therefore, you should be careful here. And one more thing - such a visa is valid only at international checkpoints across the state border.

Stages of registration

Make authorization for electronic visa is extremely simple. Detailed instructions can be found on the website.
The first step is to register on the MFA web page. There the questionnaire is filled in, where you should reliably enter your data and information regarding the upcoming trip.
The next step is to send the necessary papers and photos. Documents should include:
1. Passport with visas.
2. Invitation of the required type.
3. Medical insurance.
4. Documents from the bank, which indicate a sufficient amount of money from a foreigner.
All papers worth scanning (including photo) and send for verification.
Well, the last step is to get the result that comes to the email address of the applicant.
Our company will help help with the preparation of documents for visa , even if it is issued in electronic form.

e-Visa Costs

A no less urgent issue that concerns foreign applicants is the price of the e-visa to Ukraine. The cost is fixed and determined by the Ukrainian migration legislation. The amount can not affect anything. If, in the case of a regular paper visa, you can apply for an urgent issue, while paying a double consular fee, in this case there are no such services.
Payment is made by credit card, and a receipt is sent along with all documents. In case of contacting our company, we will do everything ourselves.
Documents required to enter Ukraine
Depending on your nationality, you will need a physical or electronic visa to enter the country. Currently, e-Visa can only be used for travel and 30-day work abroad, and can be used in 52 countries, saving time and hassle on embassy visa.
Documents required to come in Ukraine vary depending on the applicant’s citizenship and length of stay in Ukraine. At present, only five countries can refuse Ukrainian travel documents in Ukraine indefinitely. These countries are Uzbekistan, Moldova, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
Passport holders in 64 other countries, including Canada, Brazil and the United States, can enter the country without a visa within 90 of 180 days.
Citizens who plan a trip to Ukraine must obtain a visa. Multiplicity of visa varies depending on the needs of the traveler. Thus, citizens of 52 countries can now pre-register electronically for submitting travel documents in Ukraine.
Currently, e-Visa in Ukraine can be used for up to 30 days for travel and business purposes as well as cultural, scientific, educational, sports, health care or executive duties. Or a foreign media representative.
The e-visa does not issue more than 9 business days, so you must also apply for a travel document before traveling.

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