How to quickly make a visa to Ukraine and successfully cross the border

03.07.2018, 12:07
How to quickly make a visa to Ukraine and successfully cross the border
Many foreign residents dream of making a visa to Ukraine, that they planned to travel to this European country for various reasons and with different purposes. For most people, visa clearance is a prerequisite for their free crossing of the border.
Where can I get a visa permit?
Most foreign applicants do not know where they should apply for a visa. Many people make the wrong choice. The only body that received the right to issue visa permits under the law of Ukraine is the Embassy or its services, in particular, consulates, diplomatic bodies or other representations of Ukraine in foreign countries.
As for private visa services, they are approached for help in preparing the necessary papers, for interviewing and the like.
What you need to get a visa permit
Before you go to the Embassy for getting one of the types of Ukrainian visa in your hands, you should prepare a certain package of documents consisting of:
1. The questionnaires of the corresponding sample, where all the data of the applicant and the host country are indicated in Ukraine.
2. Photographs of actual and good quality.
3. Passports of the foreign applicant, where free pages are always available, both for the visa itself and for stamps on crossing the border.
4. Insurance medical policy, where the coverage area includes the territory of the Ukrainian state. Be sure to cover all areas and all areas of this European country.
5. Invitations of the appropriate format and type, which is formed on the basis of the travel objectives of foreign citizens. Most of these documents are sent from Ukraine.
6. Other documents that will be required by the Embassy or the visa situation.
The cost of making a visa
It is rather difficult to say the exact cost of issuing a visa permit, because when determining the price, they rely on the category of the visa, the period of its manufacture and whether the services of certain visa services were used for registration.
The most important factor is category. There are the following types:
1. If there is a desire to save money, and often there is no need to go, then you can get the cheapest one-time ticket.
2. There is also a two-fold visa to Ukraine, which is slightly more expensive.
3. The most expensive is considered to be multivisa to Ukraine, but they have a lot of advantages - first of all it is an opportunity to often travel to Ukrainian territory.
Term of manufacturing of the visa
Most visa permits for travel to Ukraine are made about two weeks. But in some cases, if you double-pay the visa fee and provide supporting documents, you will receive a passport with a visa in three or four days.